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World Football Qualifiers start on five continents in the world  Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Argentina captain Messi

Next year, the Qatar World Cup Football Qualification Tournament will start globally on the evening of September 1st, India time. Two rounds will be held within a week. The top 12 in Asia is the final stage of the Asian Qualification Tournament and will have 4.5 seats. In addition, The superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi who have just transferred will also play on behalf of the motherland of Portugal and Argentina.

The top 12 Asian teams were divided into two groups. In the first round on the 2nd, Group A had South Korea at home against Iraq, Iran at home against Syria, and the UAE at home against Lebanon. Group A had 5 teams from West Asia to double-team South Korea, and Group B had in the first round on the 3rd. Japan played against Oman at home, and Australia played in the neutral ground (Qatar) when there were four naturalized China at home. For the first time, Vietnam went to Saudi Arabia in the final round of away games.

The top 12 Asian teams played 10 home and away games in the group. The top two teams in the group got World Cup tickets, and the third place went to the play-offs. The winner competed with the Central and North American teams for tickets.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Europe is divided into 10 groups. The first three rounds have been completed in March. The first place in the group can directly get World Cup tickets, the second place will have a play-off, and finally three more seats will be added. Because the second place is very difficult to compete in the play-offs. Big, so the strong teams hope to directly grab the first place in the first round and enter the World Cup.

In South America, there are 18 round-robin matches in which 10 countries play host and guest each. Currently, 6 rounds have been played. Brazil has won the first place in 6 games, and temporarily ranked second is Argentina with 3 wins and 3 losses. South America is 10 with 4.5 seats, the top four The first name will go directly to the internal competition, and 0,5 seats will have to compete with Oceania for the final qualifying.

North America is the last 8 to win 3, which is a brand new starting event like Asia. North America takes the first 3 in-game matches, and 0.5 seats will compete with Asia for the final qualifying. At this stage, the 40 teams in Africa will be divided into 10 groups, and 20 will be won first. The team entered the third round where they were finally divided into 5 groups, and the first place in the 5 groups won the World Cup tickets.

Takumi Minano is the main player of the Japanese team.