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US Open Final / Medvedev's strategy and Djokovic's pressure

Djokovic and Medvedev faced each other at the US Open 2021 final and had their ninth duel. Before the match, the two were ranked first and second in the world. The previous confrontation Djokovic gained an advantage in range and won in Australia in 2021 defeated Medvedev in the final of the Open. Djokovic is eager to create a tennis epic with his Grand Slam winning streak.

Medvedev vs Djokovic in US Open 2021 final
Medvedev vs Djokovic in US Open 2021 final

Become classic matchup in the history of tennis

This game is Djokovic's last game in the annual Grand Slam. He himself described this game as a last match with all his tennis career. Judging from his words and his consecutive Grand Slam victories since 2021, Djokovic is bound to win the 2021 US Open.

The best tennis player in the young generation, Medvedev, now ranked second in the world, is also under unbeatable pressure. He has lost to Nadal and Djokovic in the Grand Slam finals twice before. He is actively seeking the first Grand Slam championship in his career. This is very important for tennis players.

Some players will feel discouraged and gradually give up if they struggle for a long time but cannot achieve success. Another pressure is the pressure of generations. Medvedev is currently recognized as one of the top players in the young generation. The generational alternation of tennis has become more and more intense, which is regarded as a force for young players to attack the "BIG 3" system.

But from the perspective of history and achievements, Djokovic only needs this victory to end the "BIG 3" era, create Djokovic's era and create his own history, without sharing records and achievements with others (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic both has 20 Grand Slam titles now).

US Open 2021 Final match analysis

Djokovic vs Medvedev - First Set analysis

Djokovic took the lead to serve, but Djokovic was in poor form in the first set. Medvedev took the lead to get a break point, which was only the first game of the first set, and Medvedev grasped and won the game point.

In the next few games of the first set, Djokovic tried to return his focus to the game. Medvedev is committed to keeping a good start.

In the third game of the first set, the situation was tense again. This is because the score is now 40-15 and Medvedev scored two more break points, but Djokovic scored four points in a row and Holds his serve game to form 2:1 position

The No. 2 seed takes the opening set 6-4 over Djokovic.
The No. 2 seed takes the opening set 6-4 over Djokovic.

The first set ended when Djokovic was recovering and Medvedev was getting better. Medvedev won the first set with the first Break.

First set score of 6:4.


Djokovic vs Medvedev - 2nd Set analysis

In the first game of the second set, Djokovic adopted the strategy of Serve and volley and was successful. Djokovic successfully created the pressure of Medvedev and caused Medvedev to produce an Unforced error.

Medvedev continued the strategy of the first set. Generally, players would choose the weaker Second Service to prevent Double fault. However, Medvedev achieved good success with "Big second service" in the first set. So Djokovic was difficult to use Chip and charge, due to Medvedev's aggressive serve also achieved more aces than Djokovic.

The second set of the confrontation was mainly based on Djokovic's success rate on the Internet and Medvedev's second serve success rate.The two sides competed against who's status to decline first, but the situation changed in the fifth game of the second set.

After several Djokovic's Serve and volley, Medvedev adopted Hail Mary but failed several times, which made Medvedev had to change its strategy and use aggressive baseliner.

This bottom-line defense and aggressive strategy coupled with Medvedev's powerful forehand suppressed Djokovic's volley strategy, causing Djokovic to reduce the number of Chip and charge and serve & volleyer.

In this kind of suppression, in the fifth game of the second set, Djokovic used Approach shot when he was suppressed again, but due to a bad feel, he missed the twice, and this error made Djokovic suffer from his own performance anger, and Medvedev also leads with this break point.

At the end of the second set, Medvedev took advantage of the break in the fifth game again.

Second set score of 6:4.


Djokovic vs Medvedev - 3rd Set analysis

The third set is definitely the peak of this game and the most critical. In the past Grand Slam matches, there are many people who have missed the end point and lost the victory, and they often saw that they won two sets first but were won by their opponents in three consecutive sets. The case of losing the game.

Medvedev dare not care, the strategy he adopted is very simple, using the leading advantage created by the first two discs, and using big second serve to a greater extent.This effect is very good. At the beginning of the third set, Medvedev broke Djokovic's serve in two consecutive games and won a good position 4:0. In the fifth game of the third set, Djokovic's third serve was finally held.

After Djokovic saved two consecutive games, he finally broke Medvedev's serve at the end of the game. At this time, the score in the third set was 5:2 (40:15) Medvedev did not defend, Djokovic saved the game.

Medvedev won the 2021 U.S. Open Championship
Medvedev won the 2021 U.S. Open Championship

Djokovic took advantage of his momentum to keep his serve and broke Medvedev's serve. At this time, the score of the third set was 5:4 (40:30). Medvedev's pressurized ball made Djokovic make a mistake, and Medvedev successfully won the Champion point. Become the champion of the U.S. Open in 2021 and the first Grand Slam champion in his career.

Final set score of 6:4.


Daniil Medvedev vs Novak Djokovic Highlights | 2021 US Open FInal

Daniil Medvedev vs Novak Djokovic strategic integration

  • Medvedev's powerful second serve caused Djokovic's mistake

  • Djokovic then used Serve and volley and Approach shot to try to score

  • Medvedev used aggressive bottom line to force Djokovic to give up chip-and-charge

  • Medvedev did not slow down and conservative when he had the advantage

  • Djokovic is overly dependent on volley and is not in good shape

The heavy pressure of Annual Grand Slam

The more you want to get it, the greater the pressure. It is definitely the best portrayal of Djokovic. He can't let go and can't play his usual level. Because he is too close to this opportunity to make history, he forgot to adjust his pace.

At a certain moment, Djokovic's emotions and pressure overwhelmed him and made him lose his demeanor, but he immediately eased his emotions and wept to the cheers of all the fans present.

You must have passion, otherwise everyone will complain about the mechanics of tennis players. But excessive emotions can also cause negative perceptions. Djokovic is already one of the best players, GOAT