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Understand the odds of sports betting and how it work.

Before doing any sports betting, you must first understand the important key "odds" of sports betting. In any large sports betting venues, such as Bet365, Betway sports, ThisWin, 4rabet, 22Bet, 10Cric, etc., they provide their own sports odds. Even ThisWin offers exchange bets, allowing players to place matching bets. Read down to understand what odds are and how they work.

The odds table
The odds table

Understand the odds of sports betting

People always like to predict the outcome of certain competitions or games. However, before the birth of the odds, any predictions were subjective, and they were conclusions drawn from imagination based on their own thinking. In order to increase the attention of the society and people, at the same time make the prediction of the result of the game more objective and scientific. The original odds appeared in the form of percentage examples, used to describe the probability of winning or losing in the competition. With the continuous quantification of these numbers, then current odds form appeared.

The definition of odds is: the scientific and objective result prediction obtained after a certain competition or competition is quantified. It means: Odds are a form of data that scientifically and objectively reflect the results of competitions or competitions.

From our tracking of the odds, we find that most of the odds offered by the bookmakers are based on the direction of consumer psychological betting, but they only reflect the bookmakers’ judgment on the outcome of the game in subtle ways. Therefore, it is obviously inappropriate to judge the outcome of a game based on the appearance of the odds. To put it more bluntly, maybe this is just a game between yourself and your own psychology, because after all, the overall direction of the odds is based on consumer psychology.

But if the odds are set based solely on the psychology of consumers, the bookmaker cannot completely avoid risks and guarantee profits. At this time, how should bookmakers integrate their own knowledge of the game and the public's knowledge of the game, and coordinate with each other? Here we are going to introduce a vocabulary-equilibrium theory.

According to the public psychological betting direction, as well as the betting company's own analysis and judgment of the game, an idealized or seemingly idealized odds can be obtained.

The guiding significance of the odds:

  • Odds are a commodity that has its own value. Simply buying low and selling high is our common value flow. Since it is a commodity, studying the profit and loss of its commodities will be the most fundamental method in the study of various odds.

  • Odds are a set of balanced data obtained by the bookmaker through self-analysis of the game, and after integrating the public's psychological judgment on the result of the game. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of odds analysis simply by analyzing the appearance of odds.

  • The odds data has already covered all the information, news, advice, etc. that should be included in the game from the surface, so as to achieve a balanced state. Therefore, when analyzing the odds, don't use a specific information (such as injury, fighting intention, strength, home and away, etc.) as the starting point. This is a partial approach.

  • Study the profit and loss situation of the betting company brought by the odds, and understand the deviation and difference between the betting company's analysis of the game and the public betting psychology, so that the correct game result is presented to us.

  • The odds include two probabilities: one is the probability of the gaming company's own judgment of the game, and the other is the probability of the public's psychological betting. When these two probabilities deviate, the gaming company can get a larger amount of profit.

How do sports betting odds affect winning percentage?

Odds are an important part of sports lottery. If you want to be a successful sports betting player, you must know what the odds mean and how to use them. Odds are used to calculate how much money you can earn from winning bets, but this is not all.

You may not know that there are several different odds, or the odds are closely related to the probability of winning. They also show whether any particular bet represents good expectations, and you should always consider expectations when deciding to place a bet. Odds also play a potential role in how bookmakers earn money.

Odds basis

As mentioned earlier, odds are used to determine the payout amount of a winning bet. This is why they are often referred to as the "price" of the bet. The price of the bet can be either positive or negative odds.

Negative odds:

The potential amount you can earn will be less than the bet amount.

Positive odds:

The potential amount you can earn will be greater than the bet amount.

You can also profit from the winning odds, because you can also return your initial principal, but you must assume a higher risk than you can get. The odds of the big favorites are usually low because they are more likely to win. When bets are more likely to lose than to lose money, they are usually disadvantageous.

The odds can even be money. The equal odds of winning will be accurately returned to the winning principal plus the original principal.

Therefore, your funds will basically double. In order to make money from sports betting, you really have to recognize the difference between odds and probability. The two are fundamentally linked, but the probability does not necessarily directly reflect the possibility of something happening or not happening.

The probability of sports betting is subjective, and bettors and bookmakers have different opinions when predicting the likely outcome of the event. The probability usually varies between 5% and 10%: sometimes less, sometimes more. Successful sports betting is mainly about accurately assessing the probability of the result, and then judging whether the probability of the result is worth betting.

In order to make the right decision, we need to understand the "implied probability".

What is implied probability?

In the context of sports betting, implied probability is the probability of any given outcome occurring. It can help us calculate the advantage of bookmakers in the betting market. More importantly, implied probability can indeed help us determine whether betting provides us with expectations. This is a good rule of thumb. Bet only when you have the required value. "As long as the odds are set higher than you think, there will be expectations." The implied probability will tell us whether this is the case.