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U.S Open / Win three more games, Djokovic will write a new chapter in tennis history

Today, Djokovic and Jenson Brooksby met in a narrow way during the top 16 of the U.S. Open. Brooksby won the first set with a strong 6:1 at the beginning, but Djokovic adjusted his pace in the second set and defeated Brooksby in straight three.

Djokovic, who won this game, successfully advanced to the quarterfinals, which means that as long as he wins three games, Djokovic will win the US Open and officially become the annual Grand Slam champion. He will also became the first player to win the Men’s Singles Grand Slam since 1969, and successfully became the top one player in active service.

Strive for the Annual Grand Slam

Now everyone who pays attention to the development and trend of tennis is paying attention to the status of Serbian player Djokovic, who is ranked number one in the world. Because he will be the closest men's singles player to the Annual Grand Slam in these 50 years.

Why is the "Annual Grand Slam" difficult

Why is it so difficult to win all the championship titles in tennis Grand Slams within a year? Because the history of tennis has basically contributed to a great matchup in the "partner" style. The "FEDAL" Federer–Nadal rivalry of this generation, and the Sampras and Agassi of the previous generation.

Federer and Nadal duel is recognized as the best combination in tennis history
Federer and Nadal duel is recognized as the best combination in tennis history

And these top tennis players have basically reached the level of technical proficiency and insight into the opponent's play. In other words, when you become a top group of people, all you need to do is to target the opponent’s weaknesses and take advantage of them.

In addition to the top kings, there is also a group of professional players who are constantly sprinting for the title. And most of these players also have professional coaches for them to analyze the weaknesses of each player and how to play against different types of players.

This is why the "Annual Grand Slam" is so difficult, because it is difficult for you to guarantee that in high-intensity matches, you can monopolize every Grand Slam event. What's more, there are a group of players watching you, always studying your weaknesses, and wanting to beat you. And those players are not much weaker than you.

Threat of monopolizing a single Grand Slam

In addition to the above explanation of the difficulty of the "Annual Grand Slam", there has been a problem in recent years, that is, the long-term hegemony of the individual Grand Slam title. For example, the Wimbledon champions created 18 Wimbledon titles from 2003 to this year (2020 will be cancelled due to covid-19), and Federer won 8 of these 18 titles, Djokovic Won 6 times, Nadal won twice.

Murray won the Wimbledon title for the second time
Murray won the Wimbledon title for the second time

In the Australian Open, it has not stopped in the past 20 years, and a total of 20 Grand Slam Australian Open titles have been produced. Federer won 6 times and Djokovic won an astonishing 9 times.

When it comes to monopolizing a single Grand Slam tournament, one must mention "king of clay"-Rafael Nadal. Since Rafa first participated in the French Open in 2005, he won the championship, and since 2005, the French Open has produced With 17 French Open titles, Nadal alone has won an 13 French Open titles.

Djokovic's desire, the top one tennis player in history

You may be surprised why this is the best tennis player in history, as it should be called, one of the best tennis players in history. But in fact, everyone thinks that tennis has gradually matured since it entered Open Era in 1968, and as the Grand Slam and ATP Tour (include ATP Masters Series, ATP World Tour 500 series and ATP World Tour 250 series) have become more mature. Tennis has truly become a world sport even without borders.

Therefore, in the prevailing atmosphere of tennis today, "Annual Grand Slam" can be regarded as truly dominating the world tennis world that year, and Djokovic is holding this dream in his peak year and taking advantage of Federer no longer strong, Nadal has been plagued by injuries for a long time, and has seized the most important position in history in one fell swoop.

Djokovic needs to watch out for the younger generations

At this year's U.S. Open, both Federer and Nadal chose to rest. Without long-standing strong rivals, Djokovic must feel that the state is excellent and he holds the confidence for the "Annual Grand Slam".

But he may have to be careful, the new generation of players is already eager to break free. In this year's Olympic tennis singles, Djokovic lost to Zverev, a young German player. He also lost to Medvedev. In addition, Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, who is only 18 years old, also made his way to the quarterfinals, which makes people think of Nadal.

Djokovic absolutely must deal with the next challenge rationally and calmly, because the players are younger and more powerful than him, and he should make full use of his mental state and the skills he has honed for many years to overcome the problems of his age.