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Tennis / Tsitsipas out and the big troubles he faces

Stefanos Tsitsipas met Carlos Alcaraz, an 18-year-old young player with tennis talent in the third round of the 2021 U.S. Open Men’s Singles. The two sides fought fiercely and lost after 5 sets. Alcaraz played very well, and there were many amazing bottom line defensive counterattacks. Skill being able to hit Tsitsipas is not a fluke.

Although Alcaraz had an unsatisfactory score of 0:6 in the 4th set, his desire to win is obviously very strong, and Alcaraz's willpower is obviously stronger than that of his opponent. On the other hand, Tsitsipas seems to have drawn a watershed in this year's French Open.

Spain's Alcaraz played his career masterpiece with 6-3, 4-6, 7-6 (2), 0-6, 7-6 (5) and wiped out Tsitsipas, the third seed in the conference. The teenager's dark horse journey is about to begin. Have to praise the Spanish player Nadal for winning the first Grand Slam championship at the age of 19 in 2005. Perhaps we can now expect Alcaraz to give us a different tennis.

Tsitsipas got in big trouble

In addition to Alcaraz's dazzling performance, the outside world is more concerned about Tsitsipas's trouble. Many tennis news sources analyzed that Tsitsipas's confidence was hit at the French Open and affected his performance.

Including ATP reporters also pointed out on Twitter that Tsitsipas fought against Novak Djokovic in the French Open for 5 sets. He wanted to win that championship, but he failed. And was disturbed by many external factors.

US Open "toilet controversy"

Tsitsipas has been fighting with fans all over the world in the "toilet and changing clothes" controversy since the warm-up match before the U.S. Open.

Many people questioned him using his mobile phone for coaching (side coaching). Objectively speaking, there is basically no evidence, and Tsitsipas himself is right. If it meets the regulations, no one says he can't. But the problem is that he insisted on doing this for a long time without achieving impressive results.

And because of his behavior, it led to criticism from off the court, and the effect of the accusations of tennis player Alexander Zverev and Andy Murray against his behavior was expanding.

Although on the surface Tsitsipas said he didn't care, the truth is that recently he has not come up with the "strong heart" conditions praised by the latest generation of new stars. Instead, he was eliminated in the first round at Wimbledon. Entered the top 16 in the Olympics and was eliminated. The semi-finals between Cincinnati and Zverev were also losers, and his US Open ends early now.

The once highly anticipated new generation of players

Tsitsipas's biggest cover is that he has an attitude of "I can beat everyone", which is actually very suitable for professional athletes with a combative and compete personality, but he does not have a weapon to fight the world: that is his psychology, tennis technique and his transcript.

Although he suffered a big turnaround before the French Open or after the French Open final, Tsitsipas is already the next-generation player who is the closest to victory in the Grand Slam challenge to the big 3, and everyone has high hopes for him.

But less than half a year later, Tsitsipas became a controversial role, and he was not seen to persist in the game. Even Tsitsipas, a public relations issue, cannot be handled.

When asked about using the toilet for too long, he replied, "There are also players who have more than 25 seconds in the second serve, which will affect their feel, but why is the opponent not be caught?" This question is valid if it is raised alone, but it cannot Compare with Tsitsipas' timeout as the equivalent, because isn't he the one who makes others wait for more than 7 or 8 minutes?

In addition, he asked the reporter how long Murray had called a timeout, and the answer was 3 minutes. These are unwise moves, because off-court events have overshadowed the game's skills.

The French Open's blow, Tsitsipas' confidence

After the loss of the French Open, Tsitsipas had a bumpy road, and people couldn't help worrying about him. Tennis talent is only the first layer of success. There are too many talents in the world. How do you stand out among many players? You need perseverance, hard work and a bigger heart (the so-called confidence but not pride)

Tennis BIG 3 achieved remarkable results. Roger Federer is a gifted student. Rafael Nadal is destined to have the DNA of clay soil, but before they have the status they are today, they have also tasted various failures. Winning the championship is very powerful, but the true king will not be knocked down.

Before Nadal appeared, Federer's skills overwhelmed everyone. Everyone thought that he would dominate the entire tennis world. However, Nadal appeared and was young and talented. In the long-term competitive relationship, they grasped the pressure and took these pressures. As a nutrient for their own growth.

Federer said "Nadal makes me better, I saw Rafael Nadal grow, right in front of my eyes"

Federer and Nadal are respectable opponents and also trusted friends
Federer and Nadal are respectable opponents and also trusted friends

The pressure of Djokovic, the world's number one player, is well known. It may not be believed that he was suppressed for several years under the brilliance of Federer and Nadal, when Djokovic won his second Grand Slam single champion in 2011. Federer had 16 champions and Nadal had 9 champions then.

After Djokovic defeated Nadal in the the French Open in 2015, when the world thought he was finally going to win the French Open, he was accidentally eliminated in the top 8. Djokovic is not optimistic by many people, but with his hard work, he has walked his own way under the brilliance of Federer and Nadal's superstars, making tennis truly a BIG 3 era.

The 23-year-old Tsitsipas has a long future, but he is currently caught up in too many trivial things, and he needs to calmly clear these noisy voices. If he really wants to use the "love me or hate me" persona, he needs to pay a real contest result before he can get the ticket to "put himself up high."