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The semifinalists for the 2021 US Open have been determined. Who will be the final winner?

2021 U.S. Open semifinals September 11

The 2021 U.S. Open ended its quarter-finals on September 9 and confirmed player for the semi-finals. The semi-final will be held on September 11, and the winner will compete for the 2021 US Open championship.

2021 U.S. Men's Singles Top 4
2021 U.S. Men's Singles Top 4

Djokovic who are making history now

With the results of the quarterfinals of the US Open, the players who enter the Semifinal have been positioned. Djokovic lived up to expectations and entered the 2021 US Open top 4. There are two final victories left in the great cause of making history.

Djokovic, Federer and Nadal tied for the top three in today's tennis match. All three have 20 Grand Slam singles titles. Whether Djokovic can surpass to become the number one in history depends on whether the US Open can achieve his wish.

Zverev won the Tokyo Olympics and defeated Djokovic

Zverev's ATP men's singles ranks third in the world, and has been in the top ten since July 2017. Zverev was the champion of the 2018 ATP year-end finals, which made him the youngest player to win in ten years. He is the only active player with five ATP Masters titles outside of the Big Three in tennis.

So far, Zverev has won 17 singles titles, including 5 ATP Masters titles and an ATP year-end finals title. He made his first Grand Slam final at the 2020 U.S. Open, but eventually lost to Dominic Thiem and finished runner-up.

Zverev entered the semifinals with 16 consecutive victories, including a 1-6, 6-3, 6-1 victory over Djokovic in the Olympic semifinals and a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Would the young player Aliassime perform miracles?

Aliassime, a 21-year-old young tennis player from Canada, won the US open victory in Junior Grand Slam in 2016, but the difference between Junior Grand Slam and Grand Slam is very big.

Since Aliassime has not good at the single competition he is better at doubles events. This time he walked all the way to the semifinals of the US Open. Maybe he can create some classics. Looking forward to the performance of young Aliassime!

Medvedev has never won a Grand Slam

Medvedev has won 12 ATP singles titles, including 4 ATP Masters titles and an ATP year-end finals title. The career ATP singles ranking is No. 2 in the world now. but he has never won a Grand Slam title.

As a tennis player, the Grand Slam tournament is particularly important and a symbol of historical status. Whether you can stay in history depends on how many Grand Slam champions you have.

Obviously this is something that Medvedev should explore. If the pace is too slow, you can only wait until Big 3 retires and competes.