• Yashraj

Tennis / The top seed was disqualified 15 min after the start because hit the line judge

When the American player Tennys Sandgren participated in the challenge yesterday, Due to a mistaken attack on the line judge, The game was disqualified after only 2 rounds and 15 minutes.

Tennys Sandgren
Tennys Sandgren

Sandgren, currently ranked 103 in the world, came to Cary, North Carolina to participate in the challenge this week and won the top seed of the conference. In the first round, he faced the world-ranked 199 compatriot Christopher Eubanks. He was expected to pass the level easily, but it happened episode.

Sandgren broke serve as soon as the game started and got a 1-0 lead. However, when it was his turn to serve, he was forced to 40:40. Then when he was about to serve, the "little man" was hit by a ball thrown by the caddie. Sandgren He hit this unwanted ball to the guardrail, but unexpectedly hit a line judge. According to regulations, he must be disqualified.

Since all the above happened so fast that even the camera did not catch it. Sandgren shared the video on Twitter after the game to explain. He also emphasized, "This incident is entirely my fault."