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Tennis / Sharapova and rival Serena Williams shocked in the same frame

The annual "Fashion Oscar" Met Gala (Charity Dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) was held in New York on the 14th. Many celebrities were invited to participate in the evening. In addition to many showbiz celebrities, sports stars and fashionistas are also the focus . Maria Sharapova, the retired tennis goddess, also attended the ceremony that night. In particular, she also framed Serena Williams, who had been competing in tennis for 16 years. The rare group photo of the two became a picture of the century.

Sharapova and Williams sister
Sharapova and Williams sister

That night, Sharapova posted photos of the fit Williams sisters on the social network, which shocked many sports websites and fans on both sides. The reason is that Sharapova and Serena Williams have been at odds for many years. In 2004, Serena Williams lost to the then 17-year-old Sharapova in the Wimbledon tennis final. Serena Williams cried in the lounge after the game and said, "I never I'll lose to that bitch." Since then, the two have been fighting for many years. Serena Williams met Sharapova and "played once and once", and achieved 20 wins and 2 losses in her career.

It is rumored that the culmination of the two people's grievances did not come from the tennis courts, but Sharapova’s relationship with the tennis guy Dimitrov of Bulgaria in 2013, and he was suspected to be Serena Williams’ ex-boyfriend. Serena talked about this during the interview. Thing, saying "If Shara doesn't mind dating a black-hearted man, then go."

Sharapova was not to be outdone at the time. "If she wants to talk about private matters, do you want to talk about her married boyfriend, there are several children and the part about to divorce." The man with a child refers to Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena's gossip boyfriend coach at the time.