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Russell Westbrook "Wild Action" vs. Chris Paul "Wisdom"

Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook

The Lakers lost four straight preseason warm-up games, averaging nearly 122 points per game, including at least 121 points in three games, and the least points lost to the Suns was 105:117. The points lost were still too high.

Winning or losing is not important. The details of the game, the current status of the players, the combination of coach positioning, and the sense of offensive and defensive rhythm are the key points and key points of observation.

The Lakers have several big problems in these four games:

1. Poor rebounds: Except for the Warriors, the Lakers lost all their rebounds in the four games, and they also lost miserably. They lost 33 rebounds in the two games against the Suns and 12 rebounds against the Nets. Despite the Lakers against the Warriors He had 14 more rebounds, but was hacked to death by the Warriors with 56 three-pointers. For the Warriors game, rebounds are no longer the key to a decisive victory. Even if the Warriors lose 20 rebounds, the Warriors can make their opponents stunned by three-pointers and offense.

Without rebounds, there is almost no defense. Without defense and rebounds, the game will not play fast. This is the Lakers' biggest shortcoming.

2. The offense is very stuck: "Old James" LeBron James has been in the Lakers for three years. The Lakers have been very stuck offensively. This is the inevitable style of Lao Zhan's dominant game rhythm, tactics and ball handling. Coaches and teammates must adapt. Lao Zhan certainly knows how to advance and retreat and delegate power, but the Lakers introduced Russell Westbrook and the other eight or nine rotation main players to attack, conduct, and improve their rhythm. This is a fact that cannot be erased.

Lao Zhan and Lakers coach Frank Vogal are jointly responsible for how Russell Westbrook should play when he has a lot of possession of the ball. How should Kendrick Nunn play a better team when he holds the ball, so that every player can play more freely. The Lakers are probably doing it all season. It is difficult to find a balance. In the end, the Lakers still need to rely on elite defense to drive counterattacks and fast breaks in order to solve the problem of stuck offense.

LeBron James

3. Too many turnovers: The Lakers made a horrible number of ball turnovers in the four games of the warm-up game. Among them, Russell Westbrook contributed 15 turnovers in two games, weak rebounds, many turnovers, offensive cards, the Lakers pre-season run-in, training and integration can be said It's "a mess."

Lao Zhan must have a good idea, but he must openly say that the pre-season warm-up game did not get much inspiration and learning effect. In fact, Lao Zhan must be worried: How can we reduce and control mistakes, play a more perfect rhythm, so that every teammate can play perfectly, show confidence and play the best defense at the same time.

4. Russell Westbrook's no-brained brute force: Compared with the sun's possession of the ball, Chrs Paul's tangible dominance and infinite appeal without the ball on the court, the kind of smart playing style and understanding of the game IQ, leadership ability, and the way of driving teammates all make People appreciate it and admire it.

Lakers guard Russell Westbrook's ball handling, ball handling and handling, shot selection, and rhythm control are really "silent". His "brute effort" made teammates at a loss, and his "casual" made it difficult for Lao Zhan to adapt. His shooting choices and a large number of mistakes would definitely cause the Lakers coaching team to suffer a heart attack.

Russell Westbrook has always been accustomed to rushing and killing the bleeding road in his career, fighting to the last pawn. But he has never experienced or understood. He is a teammate commander and a team leader. He is an indicator and driving force. He holds a lot of the ball and makes a lot of shots, but he never knows how to find a balance between holding a lot of the ball and shooting. Playing more efficient basketball and teamwork will help your teammates and yourself.

The two games of the Lakers warm-up game show that Russell Westbrook's "branching" and self-disciplined approach to the ball and play can be seen. The Lakers are the team to win the championship, not the playoff team. The Lakers want to play more key games. Russell Westbrook’s championship team is not street basketball. Russell Westbrook doesn’t slow down to play. He doesn’t know how to control himself and the rhythm of the game. He can’t even understand the “no ball” off-ball state and how to help the team and teammates. It is more important than holding the ball to make a heavy picture. This is the biggest problem for Lao Zhan and the Lakers.

Chris Paul

It is comfortable to watch Chris Paul play, shoot and drive his teammates. Coach Suns can really sleep on the bench, and his team will run very well, smoothly and competitively.

Looking at Russell Westbrook's play, shot selection and super-self-paced, Lakers fans must be worried and panic. If Lao Zhan wants to win the NBA championship, he must often score explosive points and amazing data, otherwise the Lakers will play in the regular game. Very struggling.