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The return of Cristiano Ronaldo brings the economic effects of the first stage about ₹14.8 billion

After a long period of turmoil, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to his former Premier League club Manchester United after leaving Juventus in a flash. The official "Red Devils" team also publicly confirmed this and tweeted: "Welcome Ronaldo back to Old Trafford!"

Ronaldo’s popularity drove a certain degree of economic influence
Ronaldo’s popularity drove a certain degree of economic influence

Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, has played for Juventus for three years. The topic of his transfer to the team heated up again this summer. It is rumored that his agent and Manchester City talked for a long time and suddenly changed. In the end, Ronaldo and Juventus agreed to a transfer fee of 15 million euros , plus an 8 million euros surcharge, and signed a two-year contract with the Red Devils. The Portuguese superstar with 5 Golden Globes has returned to Manchester United again after leaving the team for 12 years!

Cristiano Ronaldo has spent 6 seasons at Manchester United, helping the Red Devils win 3 Premier League titles and 1 Champions League Gold Cup. There are rumors that former coach Sir Alex Ferguson is the key to the star striker's recovery number. As for the current Manchester United coach Solskjaer said: "He is a legend in this club. If you ask me, he is the greatest player ever. Let's see what happens next..."

The impact of Ronaldo's return to Manchester United

Ronaldo’s number of personal IG fans exceeds 330 million, ranking first in the world. And Ronaldo’s popularity effect has made Manchester United’s share price rise in response, continuing to arouse heated discussions from all walks of life, creating topics and bringing unlimited business opportunities.

According to the US media "CNN", when Manchester United officially announced the introduction of the super striker from Juventus, and the two parties signed until the summer of 2023.

In the United States The stock price of the listed Manchester United club once soared 8.80% to 18.8 US dollars (about ₹1,392)The market value was driven by the bullish incentives of Ronaldo’s joining.

From the original US$2.8 billion (approximately ₹207.2 billion),

It broke through the US$3 billion (approximately ₹222 billion) barrier. The rough estimate increased by more than US$200 million (approximately ₹14.8 billion).