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Prediction Premier League / Liverpool VS Manchester City 09:00pm on 3 Octorbor

Chelsea VS Manchester City Predictions and Free Tips

Liverpool, currently ranked first in the Premier League, will meet Manchester City, ranked second in the seventh round. If Manchester City wins, they will surpass Liverpool, ranking first with 16 points. Liverpool currently has 14 points. If a tie or Liverpool wins, then The ranking will not change, but if Manchester United VS Everton is not a tie, then the ranking may change significantly.

Premier League  Liverpool VS Man City
Premier League Liverpool VS Man City

Liverpool start strong offense and weak defense

Liverpool has never lost the first six rounds, ranking first in the Premier League with a record of 4 wins and 2 draws. In the past six games, Liverpool has scored 15 goals but also conceded 4 goals. The goal difference is 11 goals, which is equivalent win to 2 goals per game.

The situation that Liverpool need to pay attention to is that the team has sufficient offensive firepower, but the defensive end is slightly weak, and the first six rounds did not meet the top ranked teams in the Premier League, so it does not matter to focus on attack, but in the sixth round face to Brentford unexpectedly ended with a 3:3 draw that broke everyone's eyes and once again proved that Liverpool must pay more attention to the pressure on the defensive end.

Manchester City must return to victory

Manchester City just lost to PSG in the Champions League, and the current 13 undefeated Liverpool must be under pressure. Since the start of the season, Manchester City has gradually recovered the feeling of victory except for the first unexpected defeat to Tottenham.

And defeated third-ranked Chelsea in recent matches. The condition is quite good, and both offensive and defensive performances are good. In six matches, he scored 12 goals and only conceded 1 goal. The goal difference is the same as that of Liverpool. It is also 11 ball

Liverpool VS Man City battle history

In the past, the two teams have played against each other with a record of 217 games.Liverpool has the majority of the advantage, winning 105 times, losing 58 times, and tying 54 times, with an unbeaten rate of 75%.

But the last five games show that Manchester City is turning around its disadvantages.Since 2019, the two teams have faced each other 5 times. Manchester City has won three wins, one defeat and a win rate of 60%.In contrast, Liverpool's win rate is only 20%.

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Liverpool's offense has been quite strong this season, and it has a lot of power, so it is limited by the influence of personal play.At present, Liverpool has changed the lineup to strengthen the defense. It is possible that the defensive team of Manchester City may be tied 1:1. Or a small win

Since the beginning of the season, Liverpool has scored every game, whether it is facing a mid-range team or a team in the second half, they can score, and they have not lost in the last 13 games.

It just depends on the Premier League's record that has not won the strong team, but in the 9/16 Champions League, Liverpool defeated AC Milan, which is currently ranked second in the Italian League, so Liverpool's recent fiery feel is not an illusion.