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Prediction Lega Serie A / Torino vs Lazio 10pm on 23 September

Torino vs Lazio match prediction

Lazio win or tie

Lazio's Immobile is the one of top goal scorer in Serie A
Lazio's Immobile is the one of top goal scorer in Serie A

Torino vs Lazio Free Tips

Serie A prediction and analysis of the Torino vs Lazio match at 10 p.m. on September 23, free tips, Lazio, currently ranked 8th with 7 points, and Torino, ranked 10th with 6 points, is actually evenly matched by ranking, but in terms of offensive level, Lazio has a goal difference of 5 goals and an average of 1.2 attacks per game. It’s also stronger than Torino.

Torino needs to strengthen his defense if he wants to win

Torino currently has a record of 2 wins and 2 losses, with a clear differentiation of winning and losing, ranking 10th in the league. With 6 points, the team is lamented that the team's current ability is insufficient. The odds of averaging less than 0.9 goals per game are very small. During the offseason, Torino sold players from Meïté, Boyé, and Gilli who have played for the team for many years, and bought a number of young players. This has changed the team tremendously.

The team is still led by Belotti. Torino only played with The advantage of 4 points is a thrilling relegation. In the past two seasons, it has been getting worse and worse. He could still feel the edge of the European war, but now he is fighting for relegation. In the new season, under the leadership of the new coach Gyurić, he gradually began to enter the state. The last two rounds have won all the victories and the defensive end has improved significantly. Currently Torino's injuries are mainly concentrated in the midfield. The leading strikers Belotti and Simone will still be absent in this game.

Lazio's offensive firepower

Lazio was ranked 6th last season. In the previous 4 seasons, except for 18/19 (8th), he ranked around 5th. The new season is currently ranked 6th. Favorable intelligence There are 7 players in the team that have scored goals, and the team has many offensive firepower points. Favorable intelligence Lazio has an excellent offense, scoring 11 goals in the current 4 league games this season, averaging close to 3 goals per game. It is worth noting that striker Immobile continues to score consecutive goals and has now scored 5 goals in the league, ranking first in the scorer list.