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Prediction Lega Serie A / Spezia vs Juventus 10pm on 22 September

Juventus is facing troubles that are difficult to win

At 10 pm on 22 September, Lega Serie A giants Juventus will visit the Alberto Picco Stadium in Spezia. Faced with Spezia, Juventus cannot lose this game because Juventus never win this season.

Juventus was once one of the most dominant teams in the world
Juventus was once one of the most dominant teams in the world

Since the beginning of the Lega Serie A 2021-2022 season, Juventus have played four games, two losses and two ties, got 4 goals and lose 6 goals. For Juventus, this is a very bad start. Because last season Juventus ranked fourth in Serie A with a record of 23 wins, 9 draws and 6 losses in 38 games.

Juventus reappoint Allegri hopes to return to glory

As the head coach of Juventus in 2014-2019, Allegri led Juventus to five consecutive Lega Serie A championships (2014-2019), Coppa Italia four consecutive championships (2014-2018) and two Supercoppa italiana championships (2015, 2018)

Juventus’ attempts to transform in the past two years have officially failed, and even last year, under the leadership of Andrea Pirlo, the team’s ranking dropped to fourth in the league, so this year the head coach was changed and Allegri was reappointed to coach Juventus.

Spezia, the scoring machine of the strong team

Spezia, who ranked 15th last year, has also played 4 games since the start of the season, with 1 win, 1 loss and 2 draws. Embarrassingly, in these four games, Spezia conceded 10 goals and scored 5 goals, with a goal difference of -5.

Spezia's defensive efficiency is extremely poor, currently ranking 14th in the league, but the number of goals conceded is the fourth lowest in the league

Spezia vs Juventus match prediction

Juventus win

For opponents like Spezia who do not pay attention to defense, Juventus, in addition to seeking the first win of the season to restore the decline, must also consider how to get the maximum number of goals in the game and make up the goals.

In particular, Juventus scored a goal against Milan in the last league game. In the new season, there are three goals in four league games and four goals. For offense, Juventus's efficiency is not low.

At Stadio Alberto Picco, Juventus achieved a lead of two wins and one draw. As for the results of the last two Spezia vs Juventus matches, Juventus won 1-4 and 3-0 on 2021/03/03 and 2020/11/01, respectively, and the goal difference of these two games was 3 goals. .

It is not difficult to see that against Spezia, Juventus has a significant advantage, plus Spezia has a lot of injuries recently, so Juventus's winning rate in this game is still relatively high.