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Pippen talked about Durant in an interview with GQ magazine, which caused Durant's dissatisfaction

On June 24, 2021, just after the Nets were eliminated, Pippen accepted an interview with GQ Magazine. When asked about the comparison between KD (Kevin Durant) and Lebron James, he said that KD is still inferior to Lebron, which caused KD to be dissatisfied and hit back on Twitter.

Pippen is dissatisfied with some old things and chooses to say it
Pippen is dissatisfied with some old things and chooses to say it

So on June 28, Pippen was invited to explain this interview on a radio program. Everyone thought he was explaining the content of the interview, but did not expect that he was carrying a gasoline can to fight the fire.

He first stated that he did not mean that Durant played badly. The host’s question was "had Durant surpassed LeBron James?". And Pippen think from a standpoint of looking at it basketball and what LeBron James have been able to do from carrying a team. So he didn't think Kevin Durant is at a position where he can say that he surpassed LeBron James.

When things have eased, Pippen mentioned "that's kind of how Kevin takes anything unless you're praising him and pushing him up and I wasn't trying to in any way belittle him I think he's a very talented player. He's shown that by his MVP"