• Yashraj

Nick power forward sued LeBron's agent for causing him to miss his maximum salary.

Nick's 27-year-old power forward Nerlens Noel recently sued the famous NBA agent Rich Paul and his agency co Klutch Sports for violating his duties and causing him to lose approximately 58 million USD (approximately ₹430 crore) in potential income.

Nerlens Noel was once thought to be expected to shine in the NBA where small balls are popular
Nerlens Noel was once thought to be expected to shine in the NBA where small balls are popular

The lawsuit opened in Dallas District Court on Monday. Noel’s lawyer stated that “the brokerage firm did almost nothing to help Noel get the contract.” Noel lost the Lone Ranger to him for 4 years after the 2016-17 season. For the 70 million USD contract, only the basic salary quotation was finally obtained.

Noel stated that he was recruited at the birthday party where the 76ers dominate Ben Simmons that summer. At that time Paul asked him to refuse to sign with the Mavericks, waiting to become a free agent next season to seek a high-paying contract, so he only signed with the Mavericks for 1 year. A short contract of $4.1 million, but was injured after the start of the season, only played 30 games, and finally moved to the Lonely Thunder.

Noel’s lawyer said that the 76ers and other teams tried to contact Paul to discuss the possibility of signing Noel, but Paul did not call back. Finally, the two sides ended their three-year brokerage relationship in December 2020, and Noel also successfully signed Nick. Three-year USD 32 million contract.

Paul is a friend and agent of Lakers star LeBron James. His other players include Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, and other big-ticket stars. His career covers American football and baseball. The total value of Paul’s agency contract is as high as 1.3 billion US dollars. "Forbes" also pointed out that Paul earned US$46 million last year as the 9th largest professional sports agent in the world.