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NBA / Warriors rookie was asked how it felt to meet Klay Thompson

Warriors rookie Moses Moody first came to the team and taught the team's striker Klay Thompson's three-pointer skills. In today's interview, he laughed at himself after seeing the performance of his big brother, and realized that he still has a lot to do and has to work hard.

Warriors rookie Moses Moody
Warriors rookie Moses Moody

The Warriors were selected to Moody’s with the 14th overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft. The rookie felt the skill of OG Thompson on the team when he first arrived. What do you think?" Moody said directly without thinking, "I still have to work hard." As soon as he finished speaking, everyone laughed.

In fact, Moody said at the end of last month that seeing Klay Thompson’s shooting experience is really different. He said that every shot was consistent. It was hollow in 20 minutes and hardly touched the frame. Looking forward to fighting side by side with Thompson, revealing that he has been following the Wave Brothers for many years, and perhaps there are some similarities in his style of play.

Thompson's career 3-point shooting percentage is as high as 41.9%, and has never been below 40% in any season. Moody left a season record at Arkansas State University, averaging 16.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.6 assists, and 1 steal in 32 games. Intercept, the hit rate was 42.7%, and the three-point hit rate was 35.8%.


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