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NBA/The Los Angeles Lakers led by LeBron James can only rank 3 ! Bleacher Report

It's the NBA off-season, and there are no NBA sports events to watch, but the player transactions of each team this summer are also very exciting, and the most worthy of discussion is the Los Angeles Lakers. They traded for Russell Westbrook from the Washington Wizards this year to form the "Lakers Big Three" with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, according to foreign media's evaluation of the strength of the "Big Three", the Lakers can only rank No.3 !

Laker's Big 3 Lebron,Westbrook and Davis
Laker's Big 3 Lebron,Westbrook and Davis

NBA team composition changes

In the NBA, the collective atmosphere is becoming more and more prevalent, and finally reached its peak this year. The phenomenon of "one person, one city" almost no longer exists in the current NBA, and the "BIG 3" player collocation seems to be a basic collective standard configuration. United States Based on the latest trading information, the online media Bleacher Report combines team talent, player position performance, chemical effects between players, age and injury risk as an assessment, and ranks 10 teams with "BIG 3" in the 2021-2022 season.

TOP 3 Team in 2021-2022 NBA

NO.3 Los Angeles Lakers - LAL

BIG 3 : LeBron James , Russell Westbrook , Anthony Davis

Annual Salary : 113.32 Million U.S. (₹842.56 Crore)

Although the team combination of the Lakers in the past year has been called the worst effect, the offensive and defensive ends have not achieved the expected results, but after strengthening Carmelo Anthony this year, it can not help but ignite new hope for the Lakers and was once named Anthony, the strongest single-player offense in the league, joining the Lakers will make the Lakers better.

When the Lakers' "Big Three" offense stagnates, Carmelo Anthony can be used as a boost for a single breakthrough offense, and will not let the Lakers fall into a passive situation where the main force is out of control. In addition, there is Mark in the team. Gasol and Dwight Howard. I believe there won't be too many mistakes on the defensive end.

In the selection of the best player in the NBA this year, LeBron did not get any votes. This undoubtedly underestimated the top player who once shocked the NBA. As the current league's top all-around king, LeBron's offensive and defensive capabilities have been tested and won high ratings. Evaluation, coupled with Westbrook's offensive firepower and Davis's defensive performance, the Lakers are definitely one of the favorite teams to win the championship.


NO.2 Milwaukee Bucks - MIL

BIG 3 : Khris Middleton , Giannis Antetokounmpo , Jrue Holiday

Annual Salary : 100.04 Million U.S. (₹743.82 Crore)

Khris Middleton , Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday
Khris Middleton , Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday

Strictly speaking, the Bucks are not an "active" team that has been criticized. Chris Middleton has played for the Bucks for 8 years. From the initial development league to the NBA All-Star, he was also the first All-Star player to play in the development league. On the way for the Bucks to win this year, Middleton even surpassed the "Greek freak" Antetokounmpo at certain critical moments.

The Bucks trading operation in exchange for Jrue Holiday, in addition to trading four draft picks, he also opened a four-year renewal contract worth up to 160 million U.S. dollars. Just when everyone felt that the Bucks transaction might be a loss, Holiday used its strength to show It can be said that if there is no Holiday, Bucks may not be able to become an NBA champion, and this trading contract has now been recognized as one of the most influential event of the NBA season.

"Greek freak" Antetokounmpo , Among the current NBA players, Antetokounmpo and Durant are rated as the best players in the league, but it is worth noting that he is still very young and he is only 26 years old this year. O'Neal has a high evaluation of him. He posted a comparison picture of the 26-year-old at the same time and said, "Let called Antetokounmpo Superman in the future, and just call me Shaq."

Shaq posted a comparison of his 26-year-old data with this year's Antetokounmpo data
Shaq posted a comparison of his 26-year-old data with this year's Antetokounmpo data


NO.1 Brooklyn Nets - BKN

BIG 3 : Kevin Durant , James Harden , Kyrie Irving

Annual Salary : 116.58 Million U.S. (₹866.80 Crore)

The Nets are recognized as the most powerful team with the most luxurious lineup in active service. The Nets BIG 3 has a total annual salary of 116.58 million U.S. dollars, which is equivalent to ₹866.8 Crore.

In addition to using money to prove that they are the most luxurious lineup, the offensive level of the three players Durant, Harden and Irving is definitely recognized by the league as the top group of people, but this season's injury troubles missed the championship. And the chemical reaction is also worrying. When the three top stars who need the right to hold the ball are in the same lineup, it is necessary to think carefully about the problem of collocation.

Harden's long-time criticized defensive performance may become the focus of dragging down the team. As a top NBA star, Harden's powerful offense and "dreaming" walking style have always been the focus of discussion. But people's evaluation of him has long been trapped in the defect of insufficient defense. If Harden wants to hit the NBA championship, he should consider actively facing the opponent's offense.