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NBA / Return the Riley championship ring, Bosh: Today is the best time

In this year's Hall of Fame ceremony, Chris Bosh was the last person to appear, including the former Big Three LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to witness, and he returned a championship ring to Pat Riley, which also became a very important speech in the speech. Meaningful focus picture.

Bosch first thanked the two referees Riley and Ray Allen, and then he told the story of Riley recruiting him.

Chris Bosh in this year's Hall of Fame ceremony
Chris Bosh in this year's Hall of Fame ceremony

"He (Pat Riley) pulled out every trick you know and it was quite a performance and as I was starting to stand up and leave from the meeting, he pulled out one last trick. He took out this velvet bag full of championship rings and dumped them all across the table and he picked one up, he looked me dead in my eye and he said 'You give it back to me when we win one together'."

"Now, when I think about it, it was crazy because I hadn't even agreed to sign with Miami. But, that's Pat and we did win a ring together, two of them, but I never gave back the one he loaned me because for whatever reason I wanted to wait for the right moment. I figured this would be a good moment"

After speaking, Bosh walked to Leary with the championship ring, Riley also got up and smiled, and the two hugged each other.

Bosh returns the NBA championship ring to Riley
Bosh returns the NBA championship ring to Riley

Speaking of being forced to bid farewell to the stadium due to a blood clot problem, Bosh said with feelings: "The doctor told me that I must make a choice, whether to risk my life every time I play, or to announce at the age of 31. retire."

"After putting so much hard work and arduous training, doing so much to improve myself, and finally reaching a peak, I still had a lot of goals I wanted to accomplish and a lot of things I wanted to prove, but suddenly I painted Next rest."

"Facing the crossroads of life, I finally realized that no matter what happens, everyone has to grasp every day, face setbacks, and turn these setbacks into forward strength. I think the tears I shed will not It's the end, but a new beginning. This is not to stop me, these will make me work harder." Bosh said