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NBA injury curse? Irving missed more than 10 games in per season

A top guard suffering from injuries

Kyrie Irving is one of the top point guards in the league, but he has outstanding skills. His biggest enemy may be injury. Since entering the NBA, he has missed every season due to injuries and has never missed less than 10 games in a season.

Irving has missed many games due to injury in these two seasons in Nets, but injuries are not new. Statistics show that if he adds his 26 games in college, he has missed 261 games so far, accounting 27% for all 950 games.

Irving with an annual salary of $33.33 million
Irving with an annual salary of $33.33 million

Although he missed many games every season due to injuries, the US media reported that the Nets director Sean Marks has a high degree of willingness to renew his contract, and Irving has the opportunity to sign a four-year, $181 million contract.

Irving missed those games due to injury

  • 2012 Cavaliers: shoulder injury, 15 games

  • 2013 Cavaliers: shoulder injuries, finger injuries, 23 games

  • 2014 Cavaliers: Biceps, knee injuries, 11 games

  • 2015 Cavaliers: knee and shoulder injuries, 14 games

  • 2016 Cavaliers: Knee injury, 29 games

  • 2017 Cavaliers: Back thigh injury, 10 games

  • 2018 Celtic: quadriceps, shoulder, knee injuries, 41 games

  • 2019 Celtic: Hip, knee and thigh injuries, 15 games

  • 2020 Nets: shoulder injury, 56 games

  • 2021 Nets: Ankle, back injury and personal affairs, 21 games

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