• Yashraj

Michael Jordan made a fortune because of Messi joining Paris! Earn ₹52.15 crore in a week

Just when everyone was surprised at the separation between Barcelona and Messi, Messi chose to join the Ligue 1 giants. Paris Saint-Germain has the Argentine coach and his good friend Neymar as partners, and with the arrival of Messi, PSG is currently one of the most popular team wins the Champions League.

But in addition to impacting the Champions League, the process of strengthening foreign aid must also pay attention to the team's income balance. After strengthening Messi, the total salary the team needs to bear has reached 300 million euros. Just when most people speculated that Paris Saint-Germain was going to sell players, they began to sell jerseys.

This Week,PSG made €120 million by selling Messi jerseys

Messi just joined Paris Saint-Germain and after confirming the jersey number, PSG put into production the first batch of Messi’s "30" jerseys.The first batch of jerseys was priced at 107.99 euros (9,385 rupees) and sold out within 20 minutes.

Within 24 hours after Messi signed with Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG), Argentine football superstar Messi’s jersey sales reached 30 million euros. Messi’s Chinese fans contribute 64% of sales.

Messi joins Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain
Messi joins Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain

In a week, PSG earned 120 million euros from the jersey. In addition to the impact that Messi will have on the stadium, his arrival also brought some revenue sponsorship opportunities for the club.

Michael Jordan earned ₹52.15 crore because Messi's jersey

Michael Jordan collaborates with PSG club's brand
Michael Jordan collaborates with PSG club's brand

Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan brand is one of the PSG jersey partners. Jordan can extract 5% of the profits from the goods sold. Messi’s jersey sales this week was 120 million euros, and he made € 6 million in a week (about ₹52.15crore).

With the extension of time and the agreement reached between Jordan and Paris Saint-Germain, Jordan can earn more in the future.