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Messi scored the 77th goal, tied for the top scorer in South America with King Billy

Argentina's Lionel Messi (Lionel Messi) led the World Cup qualifier against Bolivia. Messi scored a goal in the first 14 minutes of the first half. This goal also allowed him to tie Brazil's Billy with the 77th goal. Pele)'s national team goal record, the game is still going on, Messi is expected to set a new record.

Messi made his debut after joining Paris Saint-Germain in French Ligue 1. Although he did not score on the bench, he has already made fans all over the world crazy. Returning to the national team, he played against Bolivia, just before the game. By the 14th minute of the first half, Messi scored the goal with his left foot, making this goal the 77th goal of Messi's career in the national team.

Messi scored 77 goals in 154 games, averaging 0.5 goals per game; Billy’s goal efficiency is higher. The Brazilian legend scored 77 goals in only 92 games, averaging 0.83 goals per game. Everyone is tied for the top scorer in South America; Messi and Billy are tied for seventh in the national team's historical scorer list. The first is Ronaldo with 111 goals in 180 games.

However, Messi also refreshed his two records, with 53 games to refresh the Argentine player's appearance record in the World Cup qualifiers, and 77 goals to refresh the Argentine team's historical scoring record, the game is still going on.