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Messi's PSG debut as a substitute, Mbappé becomes another focus of the transfer.

After the Argentine star Lionel Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain in August, he wore a non-Barcelona club jersey to play in the professional league for the first time on the 29th, French time. He came on the bench at 66 minutes and defeated Hans 2-0 in the final Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi's PSG debut as a substitute
Messi's PSG debut as a substitute

"He is still a long way from his best situation, but he has been training well recently and will adapt well in two weeks." Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino said: "We are looking forward to the best of him. I am very I am glad that he made his debut, it is very important for Messi."

The star forward Kylian Mbappe, who scored two points in one person, was another key player during the transfer. "BBC" believes that this may be Mbappe's final appearance in PSG. It is reported that Real Madrid, the Spanish first division giants, has a chance to make a shot. The club is eager to sign the 22-year-old France international before the transfer window closes on Tuesday. , The amount may be as high as 200 million euros.

Mbappe’s transfer deadline is August 31, French time
Mbappe’s transfer deadline is August 31, French time

Mbappe scored with 16 points and 63 points, respectively, receiving assists from Angel Di Maria and Achraf Hakimi. Mbappe currently plays 175 games for Saint-Germain, scoring 135 goals.

The charm of Lionel Messi is unstoppable. Today, after the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Reims, when Messi walked back to the lounge, Rajkovic took his cell phone and hugged his son, walked to Messi and asked if he could take a photo. Messi agreed to take Rajkovic’s son in his arms and took a photo. Later, Rajkovic’s wife uploaded this photo to tag Messi and express her gratitude.

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