• Yashraj

Kobe Legend adds another piece to wipe off the tactical board "Just give me the ball!"

A few days ago was the birthday of the legendary late superstar Kobe Bryant, and many NBA stars and retired stars have sent messages to miss this great player who once brought wonderful things to the world.

Kobe is the GOAT in Basketball
Kobe is the GOAT in Basketball

There are many legends about Kobe. Former Lakers star Caron Butler recently said on the show that Kobe wiped off the head coach's tactical board during a timeout at the end of the game, and then said "Just give me the ball!"

Butler played for the Lakers in the 2004-05 season and was on the same team as Kobe. He revealed a secret of Kobe that year. Butler said: "I never told this story. We once played away in Charlotte. Called a timeout, the field was tied, and the last 3 or 4 seconds were left. The head coach had already drawn up the tactics for the final blow, but Kobe wiped it out. He said "what tactics are you using to fight him? Ah, just give me the ball right here!"

Even more crazy, Butler recalled, at the time Kobe also said to his teammates: "Whoever can pass me the ball sideline can be part of history." As a result, Lamar Odom said he wanted to be part of history, and finally Odom did. To Kobe, Kobe really made it, and the game was over.