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Kobe Bryant's 43rd birthday "Black Mamba" Forever

Today (24, 23 U.S. time) is the 43rd birthday of the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. In addition to his widow Vanessa, many NBA stars he knew well also expressed their respect and missed the "Black Mamba".

Forever Legend, Forever Black Mamba
Forever Legend, Forever Black Mamba

"Forever Mamba! Happy birthday" Dwyane Wade wrote on his personal social website. In addition, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony also posted sentimental memories of this good friend, good opponent and good player.

Join the 1996 NBA Draft in a storm of criticism

In 1996, Kobe, who had just graduated from high school and was admitted to many top universities with SAT scores and basketball skills, decided to abandon college and enter the NBA basketball hall. This was unacceptable at the time. He is the sixth player to enter the NBA directly after graduating from high school, and the first guard in history to do so.

The news that Kobe did not complete his studies was agitated at the time. Many people questioned whether letting high school students directly invest in the NBA league would expose these young players to money too early and corrupt their values. Many people denied Kobe's Decide.

In the end, the Lakers and the Hornets reached an agreement. Kobe was selected with the 13th overall pick in the first round. Kobe and the Lakers signed a three-year rookie contract with a total of 3.5 million US dollars. This is also a prelude to the Lakers' dominance.

The youngest NBA player and starter

At the beginning of Kobe's rookie season, he started from the bench and got the opportunity to play, which made him the youngest player in the NBA(18 years old and 7 days). At the time, he was almost a substitute for Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones.

Initially Kobe's playing time was limited, but as the season progressed, he began to have more playing time. By the end of the season, he averaged 15.5 minutes per game. During the NBA All-Star Weekend, Kobe participated in the NBA Rookie Challenge and won the 1997 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, becoming the youngest slam dunk champion at the age of 18. Kobe's performance throughout the season earned him the second best rookie team in the NBA.

The Lakers' three consecutive championships (1999-2002)

After the Bulls coach Phil Jackson came to the Lakers, the hegemony of the Lakers officially began. The connection between Kobe and O'Neal on the offensive and defensive end showed an unstoppable momentum. Jackson took advantage of what he implemented when the Chicago Bulls won six championships. Triangle tactics; this offensive method helped Kirby and O'Neill promoted to the best in the league. Won three consecutive championships in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Encounter failure, accumulate Energy (2002-2007)

With the strong rise of the Lakers facing the Spurs led by Tim Duncan in the fourth championship, in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers lost to the 2002-03 season championship Spurs, and the Lakers lost to Detroit Pistons the following year. The Lakers began to appear inside the Lakers. Chaos and with the split between O'neal and Kobe, and Jackson left the Lakers and published a book "The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soul". Part of the content tells about the chaos within the Lakers and the negative comments on Kobe " un-coachable".

As these negative criticisms against themselves intensified, public opinion also raised the same topic, whether high school students should complete their studies and then invest in professional basketball. In response to these problems, Kobe did not respond positively, but chose to be more diligen , Improve skills and stay true. Kobe and Jackson dispelled their doubts, and the latter returned to the Lakers as head coaches. When the Lakers visited the Miami Heat in 2006, Kobe and O'Neal shook hands and embraced before the game , became the most shocking news at the time.

Back to glory, the Lakers won twice (2008-2010)

With his progress in previous years, Kobe has become a qualified leader, leading the Lakers to two championships in two years. He is the only player who can win two consecutive championships after Jordan. It also proved to the world the ultimate legend of "one person, one city". After that, the NBA entered the era of the Big Three and opened a new milestone.

After that, Kobe was plagued by injuries. Although his skills are not bad, it is difficult to lead the Lakers into the playoffs. With the rise of young players, Kobe's era has finally come to an end. On April 13, 2016, Kobe played against the Jazz in the Lakers. The audience scored 60 points. This is Kobe's retirement. He retired from the NBA. There was thunderous applause in the audience to pay tribute to him.

Kobe's achievements , The "Black Mamba" Forever

5 NBA championships (2000-2002 , 2009, 2010)

2 FMVP (2009 , 2010)

1 MVP (2008)

18 All-Star Game (1998 , 2000-2016)

11 All-NBA Team (2002-2004 , 2006-2013)

The first player in Lakers history to retire two numbers

Career total Point : 33,643 , Ranked:4

Rebound : 7,047

Assist : 6,306

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