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KKR vs DC Live Score, IPL 2021 Qualifier 2: Delhi Capitals lose Prithvi Shaw after a good start

Eoin Morgan, captain of the Kolkata Cavaliers, won the game and decided to play against the Delhi Capital in the 2021 IPL Qualifier 2 in Sharjah. The second qualifier between the Kolkata Cavaliers and the Delhi Capitals will be a nerve test for the players who are supposed to push Indian cricket forward. Get IPL real-time scores, scorecards, highlights, and ball-by-ball score updates for the IPL match between the Cavaliers of Kolkata and the Capital of Delhi with TOI.



21:13 PM IST

After 20 overs,Delhi Capitals 135/5 ( Shreyas Iyer 30 , Axar Patel 4)

DC post 135/5! A decent end to the innings but is it enough? Axar mistimes his heave to deep mid-wicket for a single first ball. But Iyer connects one off the middle the next for a four. He then jams one through the same region, not quite off the middle for a couple. Mavi responds with another very full ball, Iyer clips it to deep mdi-wicket for a single. Axar then mistimes his heave to deep mid-wicket for just a single. Mavi then delivers a full toss, Iyer smashes it deep into the stands over long on to finish it in style. 15 off the last over. Could prove to be the difference!


21:13 PM IST


Iyer finishes it in style. Full toss outside off, Iyer hammers it over long on for a HUGE six.


21:10 PM IST


A crucial hit. Iyer heaves a good length delivery over mid-wicket. He picked up the slower one well.


21:09 PM IST

Shivam Mavi will bowl the final over.


21:09 PM IST

After 19 overs,Delhi Capitals 120/5 ( Shreyas Iyer 17 , Axar Patel 2)

A brilliant penultimate over from Narine. No boundaries conceded. There is the run out of Hetmyer. Just 6 runs off it.


21:06 PM IST


Hetmyer is run out. Brilliant fielding from Venkatesh Iyer. Shreyas cuts it to backward point and sets off for a non-existent single. Venkatesh gets across and responds with a quick throw, Karthik whips the bails off as Hetmyer is nowhere in the picture.


21:03 PM IST

After 18 overs,Delhi Capitals 114/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 15 , Shimron Hetmyer 17)

Finally, a good over for DC. Iyer clips one to fine leg for a single off the first ball. Hetmyer then goes big and deposits one onto the roof off a back of a length ball. After a single, Iyer tries to guide one to third man but misses. Iyer then shuffles inside the crease and cuts it to deep point for just a single. Hetmyer then swings it over deep square leg for a six. 15 off the over.


21:02 PM IST


Billiant from Hetmyer! This time it's a touch full and angling in. Hetmyer swings it across the line and into the stands over deep square leg. Second six in the over for Hetmyer.


20:59 PM IST


hammered! Hetmyer gives himself a bit of room and smashes a back of a length delivery from Ferguson over deep square leg.


20:58 PM IST

After 17 overs,Delhi Capitals 99/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 13 , Shimron Hetmyer 4)

Chakaravarthy could have had the wicket of Hetmyer in that over. But he overstepped. It was a close call. Iyer starts off looking to attack, goes for a reverse swing but misses. There is a single and a two off the next two. Hetmyer then survives as Chakaravarthy just about oversteps as Hetmyer is caught at long on. NO BALL. Three singles off the last three balls make it 7 of the over.


20:56 PM IST


Brilliant catch from Shubman Gill but Chakaravarthy has overstepped. Hetmyer charges down the track and looks to clear long on, He fetches it from way outside off. Gets the bottom of the bat. Gill at long on charges forward, dives and pouches it inches above the ground. Hetmyer has left the field and reached the dugout but the third umpire checks for a No BALL! And in a game of inches, he decided that there was noting behind the line. NO BALL! Hetmyer gets back, It was very very close.


20:51 PM IST

After 16 overs,Delhi Capitals 92/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 10, Shimron Hetmyer 1)

Another over another wicket. A very good over from Ferguson. DC losing their way. Pant strides out first ball and smacks it straight to mid off the first ball. He steps out again, this time Ferguson drops it short, Pant miscues it to mid off and walks back. Three dots in the over, two singles and a wicket.


20:46 PM IST


Ferguson sends back Pant. Huge wicket. Pant backs away, Ferguson astutely bangs it in short. Pant looks to smash it over the off side but completely miscues it as he's done in by the pace and a bit of extra bounce. It's that effort ball. Tripathi at mid off settles under it and takes an easy catch. Pant departs for just 6.


20:44 PM IST

After 15 overs,Delhi Capitals 90/3 ( Shreyas Iyer 9, Rishabh Pant 6)

Another successful over for KKR. They kept on building pressure and sucked Dhawan into making a mistake. Chakaravarthy gets Dhawan first ball off the googly. Pant backs away first ball but is forced to push it to the off side. He sweeps the next ball but Mavi on the fence makes a mess to let it through for four. Three singles off the last three balls make it 7 off the over.


20:43 PM IST

Can Pant and Iyer gave Delhi the late burst?


20:41 PM IST


Sloppy from Mavi. Pant sweeps it powerfully behind square leg, Mavi makes a mess of it on the fence and lets it through.


20:38 PM IST


Chakaravarthy gets his second. It's that googly. On a good length on off, Dhawan charges and looks to swing across the line but gets an outside edge to backward point where Shakib takes a good diving catch.


20:36 PM IST

After 14 overs,Delhi Capitals 83/2 ( Shikhar Dhawan 36 , Shreyas Iyer 8)

A disciplined over from Mavi. Dhawan and Iyer tried a couple of aerial shots but they got mistimed for singles. Iyer then hits one through mid-wicket for a couple. Iyer then goes for another loft but ends up mistiming it to long on where it falls just short of Venkatesh Iyer at long on. Four singles and a two make it 6 from the over.


20:32 PM IST

After 13 overs,Delhi Capitals 77/2 ( Shikhar Dhawan 34 , Shreyas Iyer 4)

Decent over from Shakib. He's making most of the slow nature of the wicket. It's staying very low and the batsmen are not about to connect off the middle or even at all. Dhawan mistimes his pull for a single first ball. Shreyas then gets a toe end as he look to pull and completely misses the other as it stays very low. Three singles off the last three balls make it 4 off the over.


20:29 PM IST

DC 77/2 after 13 overs


20:28 PM IST

After 11 overs,Delhi Capitals 73/2 ( Shikhar Dhawan 32 , Shreyas Iyer 2)

A successful over for KKR. Dhawan charges the first ball and looks to smash it down the ground but mistimes it back to the bowler. He then looks to go over the off side but gets an outside edge to third man for just a single. The pressure was building and Mavi makes the most of it as he castles Stoinis the next ball. Shreyas Iyer has a heart in mouth moment the first ball as he looks to swing on but gets an outside edge which falls safely over covers. Just 4 runs off the over.


20:27 PM IST

The move that didn't quite work today


20:24 PM IST


The leg stump is uprooted! it's that cross seam delivery, angling in. Stoinis gives himself room and looks to slash it over the off side. He ends up getting a slight bottom edge as the ball smashes the leg stump out of the ground.


20:21 PM IST

What a season this has been for the young opener


20:20 PM IST

After 11 overs,Delhi Capitals 70/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 31 , Marcus Stoinis 18)

"Lovely length, lovely length", Dinesh Karthik shouts from behind the wicket off the third ball. Narine nailed his lengths well in that over. And he nearly has the wicket of Stoinis, the offspinner cuts Stoinis into half, from round the wicket, as he looks to swing one across the line. Karthik whips the bails off and appeals for a stumping. It's close but Stoinis has dragged his foot back just in time. After a single and a two, Narine went round the wicket to Stoinis. Stoinis had paddled one to fine leg for two the earlier ball. Dhawan finished the over with a single. 5 runs off the over.


20:16 PM IST

Narine continues....


20:15 PM IST

After 10 overs,Delhi Capitals 65/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 29 , Marcus Stoinis 15)

A decent over for DC. They looked to up the ante in that over. Stoinis takes a single first ball. Dhawan then charges down the track and drills one straight down the ground, the fielder does well to stop it with his foot and saves a couple of runs. Dhawan then gets down the next ball and slog sweeps it through mid-wicket for four. He takes a single next ball. Stoinis then looks to loft one but doesn't get it off the middle, it falls safely towards long off for a single. Dhawan then charges and drills one to long off for another single. 10 runs off the over.


20:13 PM IST


Great placement! Dhawan gets down and slog sweeps it through mid-wicket, off Varun.


20:11 PM IST

After 9 overs,Delhi Capitals 55/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 21 , Marcus Stoinis 13)

Brilliant bowling from Narine. A couple of heart in mouth moments for Dhawan in that over. He looked to tuck one to the leg side but got an inside edge onto his pads and it nearly trickles onto the stumps. He then again looks to do the same but gets a bottom edge inches past the leg stump. Narine then bowls the one that goes other way and beats the outside edge of Dhawan. Just three singles in the over.


20:08 PM IST

Narine back on...


20:05 PM IST

After 8 overs,Delhi Capitals 52/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 20 , Marcus Stoinis 11)

Good start from Mavi. He steamed in and hit the deck hard. Bowled in early 140kmps. Good lines, in and around the off stump off the first four balls. He gives away just a single. He then slips one down the leg side for a WIDE! After good length delivery outside off, which was defended, he dragged one a touch wide, Stoinis cut it powerfully but straight to the deep point fielder for a single. 3 runs off it.


20:02 PM IST

Just Rishabh Pant things


19:59 PM IST

Shikhar Dhawan survives a close call on 17*

Repreive for Gabbar as Dinesh Karthik misses a stumping chance off Shakib Al Hasan's bowling. Shakib to Dhawan, 2 Wides! A stumping chance gone begging! Shakib sees Dhawan advancing down the track, he fires it down leg. Dinesh Karthik reaches out but fails to collect the ball cleanly. The batters take a bye.


19:47 PM IST

WICKET! Prithvi Shaw lbw b Varun Chakravarthy 18 (12 balls)

Gets hit on the front pad plumb in front of the stumps to a ball which was angled in with the arm, Varun Chakravarthy strikes on his first ball and gets the much-needed breakthrough for Kolkata. DC 32/1 (4.1 overs) vs KKR


19:45 PM IST

Expensive start from Sunil Narine

Shikhar Dhawan hits Sunil Narine for back-to-back sixes, 14 runs from the West Indian mystery spinner's first over. The third and fourth balls are swept over the square leg fence for back-to-back sixes by the left-handed opener.


19:40 PM IST

First SIX of the match comes from Prithvi Shaw's bat

Shakib to Shaw, SIX! BANG! Shaw gets the first maximum of the innings. At one end where Dhawan is struggling. Shaw continues on his merry way. Tossed up, on middle. Shaw comes down the track and smokes it over the long on fence. DC couldn't score a single six the last time they faced KKR in IPL 2021.


19:38 PM IST

Shikhar Dhawan yet to score a run from 7 balls

Shikhar Dhawan is struggling to put bat to ball, yet to open his account after 7 deliveries as Lockie Ferguson concedes 5 runs from his first over. DC 6/0 (2 overs) vs KKR in Sharjah. Prithvi Shaw 6*, Shikhar Dhawan 0*


19:36 PM IST

Prithvi Shaw welcomes Lockie Ferguson with a Four

Ferguson to Shaw, FOUR! Full delivery on off-stump is driven through the gap between cover and point for the first boundary of the match. Shaw has hit 4 fifties in his last 5 games against KKR and would be looking to do the same tonight.


19:34 PM IST

Good start from Shakib Al Hasan

Excellent start from Shakib Al Hasan, the Bangladesh left-arm spinner gives away just 1 run from the first over of the match. DC 1/0 (1 over) vs KKR in Sharjah. Prithvi Shaw 1*, Shikhar Dhawan 0*


19:30 PM IST

KKR vs DC Qualifier 2 Live: Out come the Delhi Capitals openers

Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to the middle to open the innings for the Delhi Capitals, the former will take first strike. Eoin Morgan meanwhile, has decided to start the proceedings once again with Bangladesh's left-arm spinner Shakib Al Hasan.


19:16 PM IST

It could come down to who plays spin the best: Ricky Ponting

"It's just about getting the basics right, we have played some really good cricket throughout the tournament, obviously the last couple of results haven't gone the way we would have wanted, but even in those games, the level of cricket we played was good enough to win. Small decisions here or there, a couple of bad shots or bad balls cost us games, but if we continue to think tactically, we'll be very competitive once again," Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting said.
"I got a bit angry last game and let the boys know that. I have played my cricket emotionally, put my heart and sleeve into it and the same goes towards my coaching, but you can't do a lot in the dug-out, unlike when you're in the middle and can still try and change the outcome of the game. In that way, coaching is completely different from being a player. All teams have different characters, the great thing about our team is that we have got a good mix of youth and experience, which holds up in big tournaments. 

"I want the boys to be playing their best cricket at the back end of a tournament and hopefully it'll be today. They (KKR) are very disciplined, have used their spinners very well, this wicket has been the slowest and the lowest across all venues, so that makes a big part of the game. But we have two world-class spinners as well, it could come down to who plays spin the best. It's a challenge to play at different venues and the boys are up for it. We have been great mates (on Brendon McCullum), we know each other for a long time, and share good memories on and off the field. The team that plays the best cricket today will obviously win,"  Ponting added.

19:06 PM IST

KKR vs DC Qualifier 2 Live: Here are the playing XIs

Delhi Capitals (Playing XI):

Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w/c), Marcus Stoinis, Shimron Hetmyer, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Avesh Khan, Anrich Nortje

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI):

Shubman Gill, Venkatesh Iyer, Rahul Tripathi, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan(c), Dinesh Karthik(w), Sunil Narine, Shakib Al Hasan, Lockie Ferguson, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chakaravarthy


19:02 PM IST

KKR vs DC Live: Eoin Morgan wins the toss

Kolkata Knight Riders win the toss and opt to bowl against Delhi Capitals in Sharjah. The winner will face Chennai Super Kings in the final on October 15.

KKR are unchanged for this game while DC have replaced Tom Curran with Marcus Stoinis, who returns from an injury layoff after playing his last IPL game on September 22.