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India vs England 3rd test / Why England Players Are Wearing Black Armbands On Day 2 Of The Headingle

England are currently participating in the third game of a five-match test series against India in Headingley, Leeds. The series defeated India by a score of 1-0. A week ago, visitors bit the Lord’s test with their teeth. Due to continuous showers, the first test of Trent Bridge was drawn.

Coming into the third Test, England dominated India throughout Day 1 to gain the upper hand. At the start of the second day, the English players were seen wearing black armbands. The reason for the same has been revealed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

Rory Burns wearing the black armband.
Rory Burns wearing the black armband.

Former England captain Ted Dexter died on Wednesday at the age of 86. To commemorate his death, the host wore a black armband to express their respect to the legendary former cricketer. Dexter participated in 62 tests for England, scoring more than 4,500 times, with an average score of 47.89.2

Former England captain Ted Dexter
Former England captain Ted Dexter

He also contributed to the ball, cutting into the wicket from his mid-speed pass. He will always be known for his shrewd captain, while maintaining the record for the most points scored by the England captain in the Australian Ashes Series. He achieved this feat in the 1961-62 season and ran a total of 481 times.

Hosts in firm control of the Headingley Test against India

Entering the third test with the owner's wound still burning, it is impossible for England to ask their team to perform better. Joe Root and his men would think this was a good failure, because India's decision to hit the ball was under scrutiny almost immediately.

KL Rahul, a well-formed opener, was fired in the first round by James Anderson's enticing outside shot. The rest of the batsmen followed suit, either when hitting the ball rashly or because the bowling ball displayed was too tight. Before being tied out of 78 games, India barely survived 40 games.

Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed. Credits: England Cricket Twitter
Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed. Credits: England Cricket Twitter

This is the third-lowest total when they hit the ball for the first time, and a shameful day is not over. The British opener Rory Burns and Hasib Hamid have teamed up to amass a partnership of 100 times, thanks to some smooth shots and wrong bowling in the hyped Indian attack.

Although Haseeb quickly reached his 50s, Burns slowly caught up with his partner, welcoming his 10th time in his half-century career. They persisted until the end of the day's game, pushing the British to a 42-point lead. Over time, Headingley has traditionally favored batters, so England will be keen to accumulate a huge first game lead.

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