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Harden: No one can beat the Nets, who are all in place

The Nets formed three giants in January, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Among the three giants, Harden’s highest salary this season was $41.25 million, and Durant’s $39.05 million was ranked second. Irwin’s is 33.46 million U.S. dollars, and the total annual salary of the three people is 114.8 million U.S. dollars.

Reluctantly dragged down by injuries, the three players only played 8 games in the entire regular season. James Harden and Kyrie Irving were injured in the Eastern Conference semifinals one after another. Kevin Durant was left in the seventh game and lost to the Bucks. Despite this, Harden still have strong confidence in the Nets' lineup "When we are all here no one can beat us"

Why Harden has confidence in the Nets lineup

Although the three giants of the Nets teamed up to stop the second round of the playoffs in the first season, there was a gap between expectations, but Harden still gave a high evaluation, "It's great, considering that we face various difficulties, whether it is my mid-season I was traded here. Or Durant’s absence for almost three months, Irving also missed part of the season. Despite this, we are still only one step away from the Eastern Conference Championship."

Keven Durant and James Harden
Keven Durant and James Harden

"Now we have a whole season to regroup to achieve the goals we hope to achieve."

Harden is full of expectations for the arrival of the new season, and emphasized that there is no pressure to prove ourselves.

"We are very excited and stay focused. We know what we should do. What, the most important thing is to stay healthy. Honestly, we are excited to be together for a whole season."

If Harden want the Champion he should attention

The first thing he should pay attention to is the ball space. Harden, Irving and Durant all need ball space to attack. It is very important that Durant is the only one who can match when the three of them have different ball paths. After all, Durant has a natural height advantage and a comprehensive offensive end.

Another problem Harden needs to pay attention to is his defensive end. It is well known that Harden's loose defense is a big problem that has been criticized, and it is also a nightmare for players on the same team with him. Harden's play is a single-core play. When the offensive demand is covered by Durant and Irving, Harden must fill in the defensive demand in a timely manner, otherwise the team will be tired no matter how strong the attack is.

The Last one point Nets has to attention

In addition to the Nets, the NBA has many powerful teams, such as Lakers (LAL), Bucks (MIL), Warriors (GSW), Nuggets (DEN)etc.And some of these teams have young generations, and some have several times champion. The Nets should think about how to deal with these strong competitors.