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Football violence! Honduran referee pointed a gun directly at the fan

A few days ago, in an amateur football match in La Guagui, Honduras, fans were dissatisfied with the controversial penalty of a 12-yard free throw. The referee threatened confrontation with a pistol in public. Fortunately, they did not wipe the gun which led to a tragedy. After this heinous behavior was photographed by the local people, the Internet frenzy caused heated discussion.

According to the British media "The Sun", the hot referee, dressed in black and black trousers, faced a group of angry fans, brandishing a pistol and showing his protection. There were insults and screams from time to time around. The scene was quite night. For the chaos, even a few minutes before the start of the movie, there were gunshots. The referee seemed to fire several shots at the grass, warning to disperse the crowd. People at the scene revealed to the local media that the referee's pistol was brought by relatives and friends after the game because he was afraid of being surrounded by fans and took such a fierce confrontation. Fortunately, no one was injured in the entire incident.

The Football War (100 hour war)

  1. June 6, 1969 Tegucigalpa : Honduras 1-0 El Salvador

  2. June 15, 1969 San Salvador : Honduras 0-3 El Salvador

  3. June 27, 1969 Mexico : Honduras 2-3 El Salvador (extension)

On June 27, 1969, El Salvador severed diplomatic relations with Honduras. It originated from the fierce competition between the two countries to win the tickets of a Central American country to participate in the FIFA World Cup for the first time; on June 27, the third decisive match was held in Mexico. In the heavy rain, the game was decided by one point; on the same day, the Salvadoran government announced that it would sever diplomatic relations with Honduras due to the deteriorating immigration problem. Two weeks later, the Salvadoran army declared that the "defensa de la dignidad nacional" (defensa de la dignidad nacional) entered the border of Honduras to start a war, causing more than 5,000 civilian casualties.

Football is the national game of most Latin American countries

Affected by the European colonial period, football is the favorite sport of most people in Latin America. The match between the national football team of Latin America and other countries is the only activity that can transcend domestic political parties and unite the nation. If you win the ball, the horns of the vehicles on the city streets will be honked, and the people will be drinking all night to celebrate like a carnival; if you lose, the country will be like a bereavement, and there may be riots that vandalize public property.

"Own goal" resulted in the player being killed

The 1994 World Cup

On June 22, 1994, Colombian defender Escobar scored an own goal in the first half, which led to the team's 1:2 loss to the United States and also missed the World Cup round of 16. This goal made fans feel frustrated.

And the night of July 1, 1994, Escobar went to a nightclub with friends. His friend separated from him at about 3 am the next morning, and Escobar came to the nightclub's parking lot alone. At this time, three men appeared and began to argue with him. Two of them pulled out their pistols and fired a total of 12 bullets, six of which hit Escobar. According to reports, the killer imitated South American football commentators, yelling "Goal!"