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Football / Valencia vs Real Madrid ,Three keys to Real Madrid's reversal.

There was a dramatic scene in Mestalla, where Vinícius and Karim Benzema scored before the end of the ball game, winning an epic 2-1 reversal victory for Real Madrid, which can win the league championship. There is a lot to discuss in the Valencia match, so the main discussion points appear in the form of answered questions and created new questions.

Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid
Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid

Three keys

1. Three keys to Real Madrid's reversal.

This is the first week of midweek football, so it's time for the coach to start rotating the lineup. Ancelotti was asked about this at the pre-match press conference and downplayed his idea of making many changes for this trip to Valencia.

Carlo Ancelotti who coaches La Liga club Real Madrid
Carlo Ancelotti who coaches La Liga club Real Madrid

"I don't think there will be major rotations, but we obviously need to change some players" he said. In the final analysis, compared with the team he sent in Inter Milan, this is just a change in the starting lineup.

Lucas Vazquez is absent and Eden Hazard joins. In any case, this is a logical change, so Ancelotti has not yet entered the rotation mode. This is good. The midweek football match is here now, but this is only its first week. Maybe the next home game against Mallorca, it's time to start resting.

2. World Hazard survive in the Bodalas match?

So, Hazard did start, he started after a few days of minor knee injuries. Well, it may not be the best time to face José Bordalás. Valencia’s new coach is known for forming a physical football team, and his Getafe team often tops most fouls and yellow card charts.

Eden Hazard is known for his dribbling, speed, passing and offensive skills
Eden Hazard is known for his dribbling, speed, passing and offensive skills

His Valencia team averaged 14 fouls per game, ranking fifth in La Liga, and also had many serious fouls. So, how will Hazard and his ankle cope? Well, the Belgian's performance was unexpectedly good.

The first half was impressive. This was one of his best 45 minutes in a Real Madrid jersey. He didn't look scared at all. On the contrary, he seemed confident. There was also a specific moment when Hazard passed the ball to the goal under pressure from Thierry Correa, his muscles surpassed that of a Bodalas player.

Although Hazard's efficiency decreased after the intermission, he persisted for 78 minutes. He is up to this challenge.

3. Will González Fuertes hinder performance?

When Pablo González Fuertes is refereeing a game, this is usually not a good thing. Not because of favoritism or similar things, but because he is one of the most authoritarian officials in Spanish football.

He slowed down every game so that there was almost no room for actual football to happen. Prior to this, he had only 28 goals in 18 games in 2021, an average of 1.56 per game, far lower than the La Liga average of 2.51.

This makes sense, because his refereeing method means that the game often stops and cannot build momentum. Ultimately, this means fewer goals.

There was a bit of this game, especially in the first half, but Real Madrid's urgency in the last 20 minutes meant that we could still enjoy a lot of football. However, this is not because González Fuertes changed his style.

Three issues Real Madrid need to pay attention to

1. Does Real Madrid's physical fitness and their bench mean a lot of late goals?

This season we can see more late goals from Real Madrid for two reasons. One is that with the return of Antonio Pintus, Real Madrid's physical fitness seems to have improved significantly this season, which means that they can last longer than their opponents and knock them out at the end of the game.

It happened in the game against Inter Milan and also in the game against Valencia. Considering that Loche benefited from the free games in the middle of the week, this Sunday's efforts were particularly impressive.

Another reason is that the team can still make five substitutions in the game instead of three. For big clubs with a better lineup, this is an advantage, as Ancelotti explained at Sunday’s press conference: “The key is there with the five substitutions because I have a bench with a lot of quality."

2. What is the plan of short-term right back?

Dani Carvajal was injured again. After missing 36 of Real Madrid’s 52 games last season and the start of the season, the academy graduate looked like another time after he was forced out of the game against Mestalla in the first half of the game.

On the sidelines. Lucas Vázquez replaced him that night, but it was not a good outing for the versatile Spaniard. His terrible clearance attempt prepared Hugo Duro for the goal, and Valencia brought more joy to Lucas's team for most of the night.

So what should Real Madrid do now? In the case of Carvajal may be absent, will Ancelotti insist on being with Lucas and hope that he can perform better in the first situation?

Or, will the Italian consider deploying Nacho or Ed Millitang at right back and using another central defender to partner with David Alaba? We will soon find out that with more and more matches, faster and faster.

3. What is the reason why Miguel Gutiérrez is absent today?

On the other side of the defense, we still have a lot of questions about the position of the left back. Ferland Mendy and Marcelo are still injured, but it is center defender Nacho that is playing against Valencia there, not the natural Miguel Gutiérrez.

Just like against Inter Milan. In the middle of the week, Ancelotti explained that he chose Nacho over Miguel Gutierrez because of the former’s experience, and that this experience is very important for major Champions League matches.

So, is Miguel Gutierrez not starting against Valencia for the same reason? Or is the decision this weekend based on a different logic? Either way, Miguel Gutierrez has now not had a minute in two consecutive games, even though Real Madrid's two senior left-backs are missing due to injuries. This is a bit strange.