• Yashraj

Football / Ronaldo's charm is unstoppable! The Queen of England orders 80 jerseys in one go

The Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to his former club Manchester United again after 12 years, which has attracted football fans from all over the world and his brilliant performance in the European qualifying rounds of the World Cup. Let fans look forward to Ronaldo's return! Manchester United also announced earlier that Ronaldo would wear the No. 7 jersey again, which immediately attracted fans to buy it. Even Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom ordered 80 jerseys in one go and actively asked Ronaldo for an autograph.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s charm is unstoppable. He used to play for Manchester United from 2003 to 2009. He returned to Manchester United's embrace again after 12 years. Because the No. 7 jersey he wore that year has been worn away by teammate Edinson Cavani. I thought it was missed to wear the No. 7 jersey, but the Manchester United official announced the good news earlier today. It turned out that Cavani was willing to give up the jersey to Ronaldo and he changed to the No. 21 jersey used in the international competition.

After the news that Ronaldo returned to the No. 7 jersey was announced, Manchester United also put up a series of Ronaldo’s merchandise on the official website, and launched 44 products at a stretch, with prices ranging from US$80 (about INR5,920) to 173. Between US dollars (about INR12,800), fans rushed to buy them right after the shelves. Even Queen Elizabeth II, who was considered West Ham United in the past, couldn’t stop Ronaldo’s charm and couldn’t help but order 80 pieces of jersey, also took the initiative to ask Ronaldo for his signature.

Ronaldo, who is currently leading Portugal in the World Cup qualifiers, is expected to make his debut in the Manchester United vs. Newcastle match on September 11. At present, the tickets for the "homecoming debut" have been fired to more than 2500 pounds. The price is about INR 2,52,362.