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Football / Messi's more shocking news after the transfer, C. Ronaldo breaks with Juventus

Recently, apart from the world champion Lionel Messi joining Paris Saint-Germain, news of football stars’ transfers has also been raged, including super-big stars such as Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappé and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bappé has a high chance of switching to Real Madrid, but the bigger news is still to come.

C. Ronaldo breaks with Juventus and will switch to Manchester City
C. Ronaldo breaks with Juventus and will switch to Manchester City

The news pointed out that Cristiano Ronaldo had a rift with Juventus and stated that he would no longer play for the team. The famous journalist Giovanni Di Marzio even broke the news that he is about to leave the team, and the new club he switched to is the recently rumored Premier League Manchester City. This news shocked the football circle, and the storm was even bigger than Mbappé. If Cristiano Ronaldo changes the team, then Messi and Messi will wear a new jersey for the new season.

There are currently five days left before the player’s transfer period. According to Italian sources, Ronaldo’s agent has already met with Juventus. Juventus insists on receiving a transfer fee of 25 million euros before they are willing to release them. Way, but in order to get Ronaldo they are now willing to meet Juventus requirements!

The reporter Fabrizio Romano even broke the news: "Man City is operating this transfer. Ronaldo has decided to leave Juventus. He asked the club to sell him. It is reported that Juventus is urgently looking for a replacement for Ronaldo." More media broke the news about Ronaldo. The locker in Juventus has been emptied, and tomorrow he will bid farewell to his teammates, all signs prove that he is almost leaving the team.

And it’s not impossible for Manchester City to successfully win Cristiano Ronaldo, because they were actively fighting for Tottenham’s England star Harry Kane, but then Kane personally confirmed that he will stay at Tottenham, which also dashed Manchester City’s hopes. But then Ma posted the news that they offered Juventus to buy Ronaldo, expressing their determination to grow the team.