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Football / Mbappé transfers to Real Madrid? Wait and see

The transfer market will be closed on August 31. In the last few days, whether Mbappé will transfer to Real Madrid has attracted the attention of football.

Many media reported that Real Madrid has officially put forward an offer with a transfer fee of up to 160 million euros, but PSG rejected it. It is rumored that Real Madrid is preparing to make a second offer before the transfer window closes, amounting to close to 200 million euros. At that time, will PSG accept this sky-high price offer, or insist on not selling, and wait for Mbappé to leave for free next year? let us wait and see.

Real Madrid's bid for Mbappé was rejected by PSG
Real Madrid's bid for Mbappé was rejected by PSG

It is well known that Mbappé wants to go to Real Madrid. His idol since childhood is Cristiano Ronaldo. His wish is to win the Ballon d'Or. Going to Real Madrid is naturally the best choice. In fact, he had the opportunity three years ago. At the time, the 18-year-old Mbappé was a blockbuster in the Champions League and Real Madrid was interested in signing him.

But he considered: Firstly, he is too young and the competition for the giants is too fierce. It is better to stay in the hometown team to pursue improvement; secondly, PSG is too rich, and the second highest transfer fee in history is 180 million euros. , Ushered in the future star of France.

Messi's joining PSG shocked the world
Messi's joining PSG shocked the world

For Mbappé, since the goal is the Golden Globes, it doesn't make sense to stay at PSG. The superstar of the team used to be Neymar. Now there is another superstar Messi. No matter how many championships PSG has won, with these superstars, his light will be much dim.

For Real Madrid, after Cristiano Ronaldo left, the Galaxy fleet was bleak, and Real Madrid desperately needed a superstar to regain its momentum. Mbappé and Haland, who are known as the future duo of football, naturally became the first choice.

In addition, judging from the past transactions of Real Madrid chairman Florentino, he most likes to spend a lot of money, shocking transfers. Think about it, if Mbappé can make his debut in the new stadium that opens in September, how much traffic this can bring.

Moreover, the 160 million euro offer gave Mbappé enough face shows Real Madrid's determination to revive.

But opinion, Real Madrid's saving of 200 million euros may be a more sensible choice. Mbappé has only one year left in his contract and has repeatedly refused to renew his contract. Even if he stays in Paris this year, he will be able to transfer freely next year. Real Madrid used the money saved to increase annual salary and signing fees to Mbappé, which is more beneficial to both parties.

Erling Haaland could leave Borussia Dortmund as soon as January
Erling Haaland could leave Borussia Dortmund as soon as January

In addition, the money can be used to buy Haaland. Rumor has it that Haaland’s contract with Dortmund will drop to 75 million euros next summer. Another said that it is 90 million for certain giants such as Real Madrid, even if it is added. The signing fee, the commission to the agent and his father, 200 million should be enough to pay.

Imagine that next summer, Mbappé and Haaland will appear at the Bernabéu Stadium at the same time, and a new generation of Galaxy Fleet will be born.

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