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Football / Lega Serie amazing own goal, the goalkeeper "buckles'' his own goal frame with both hands

The major football leagues in Europe have been hot recently, and many stars transferred to teams this summer also added more topicality to the game. For example, Messi left Barcelona, where he played for many years, to PSG, "CR7" Ronaldo Returning to his old club, Manchester United, the Premier League, has attracted great attention from the outside world, but the departure of Ronaldo, who was originally in the Serie A, also made the Serie A professional league lose a lot of highlights.

Teammates immediately stepped forward to comfort him
Teammates immediately stepped forward to comfort him

However, despite the lack of superstar blessings, there is always an endless stream of things that can happen on the court. Yesterday, an amazing own goal was staged in the Serie A match held in the evening. The first round of the group stage "SS Lazio" Società Sportiva Lazio SpA vs. Galatasaray SK in the match, SS Lazio lost to Galatasaray SK 0:1, and the goal they lost turned out to be a huge own goal by the goalkeeper.

The two teams fought until the 66th minute and no one scored. The match maintained a 0:0 deadlock. Galatasaray SK tried to cut into the penalty area. Blocked, but the ball was kicked too high and the goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha was at a loss, so he tried to shoot the ball out of bounds, but he didn't expect to grab the ball in the wrong direction. And made a huge own goal.

Then the Galatasaray SK players and fans all cheered, and Strakosha was very annoyed by slapping the net. His teammates also came forward to comfort him for the first time. This Own goal became the most embarrassing goal yesterday, and it also attracted medias scrambled to report