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Football / French player passed away in a coma for 39 years and his wife never give up

The world often unfolds in the most unexpected way. A non-emergency knee surgery, unexpectedly encountered a strike in the hospital. Under the shortage of manpower, a former football player encountered a trainee doctor who failed the exam. He never woke up after a medical error. The tragedy rewrites his life, and the fate of the family is rewritten. Even in a long-term coma, his wife still did not give up, refused to euthanize him, and irrigated with love every day, which lasted 39 years until the end of his life.

On March 17, 1982, Jean-Pierre Adams, a former member of the French football team who retired recently, began to plan for the future. During the coaching course, he injured the knee ligament, so he was scheduled to go to the hospital for surgical repair.

He was born in Senegal and moved to France with his grandmother when he was 10 years old. Soon after he arrived, he was adopted by a local couple. He lived in poverty and hardship as a child. While reading, he worked in a rubber factory.

Pierre Adams was one of the first black players to be selected for the French national team
Pierre Adams was one of the first black players to be selected for the French national team

Football opened a window for his life. After his amateur football club became famous, he won the Ligue 1 football club. He has played Nîmes, Nice and PSG successively. In 1972, while playing for Nîmes, he was selected for the French national team for the first time. He was one of the first black players of "The Blues". The backbone combination formed with his teammate Marius Trésor was known as "La garde noire". The German legend Beckenbauer once praised him. The two were the "Best Backbone Team in Europe" at the time.

When he was still an amateur player, he met her at a dance party. Lovers of different skin colors were hard to be blessed in that era, but Champier Adams and Bernadette, who later became his wife, were inextricably in love. Bernadette admitted to CNN, "In the beginning, my family couldn't accept it. At that time, black men and white women were not favored."

At that time, it was an era of French change. The storm "May 68" that blew up in 1968 brought about major changes in culture and society. "We started living together, and then decided to get married. I wrote to inform my parents that my mother invited us to dinner together." Since then, everything has gradually improved. The two lived together in Fontainebleau, Paris. They were married in 1969. Champier Adams was only 21 years old that year.

Jean-Pierre Adams and his family
Jean-Pierre Adams and his family

Pierre Adams's football career was not smooth. After retiring, he decided to become a youth team coach. Unexpectedly, he injured his knee ligament. On the day he went to the hospital for surgery, he encountered a staff strike. The anesthesiologist was too busy to take care of 8 patients. It was handed over to an intern who failed to be promoted because of a failed exam-the anesthesiologist and the intern made a series of mistakes that caused Pierre Adams to have a heart attack and brain hemorrhage, and he never woke up ever since.

The intern later admitted that "I was unable to handle the work entrusted to me." With such a major medical error, he and the anesthesiologist were not sentenced until more than 10 years after the accident, in the mid-1990s, and the local court ruled that the two were suspended for one month. , A fine of 750 euros.

Pierre Adams was discharged from the hospital 15 months after the operation and returned to his home in Nimes. He was in a coma for many years, unable to speak, unable to move his limbs, but he could breathe on his own, and he could also open his eyes and chew food. His wife Bernadette takes care of him every day, putting on new clothes, turning and wiping him. Euthanasia might make the whole family a little easier, but Bernadette has always refused, believing that the husband in a coma is still conscious.

Bernadette has consistently refused to euthanize Pierre Adams
Bernadette has consistently refused to euthanize Pierre Adams

This March is his 73rd birthday, Bernadette counted, "No one in the family will forget to give Pierre Adams a gift. The birthday is good, so are Christmas and Father's Day." What kind of gift does a person who has been in a coma for many years need? "We will buy him gifts like T-shirts or pants, because I change his shirt every day. I will also buy things to decorate his room, such as beautiful sheets or some fragrance."

She may be a little stupid, staying on her husband's bed for nearly 40 years, refusing to give up the man she loves most. She persisted for 14419 days without a miracle. He finally did not wake up and died on September 6th.

The cruel reality is before, and the worldly eyes regard her as an unrealistic fool, but until the last moment of Adams' life, Bernadette kept the vows that the two married 52 years ago, and wrote a beautiful and moving love story.

"From now on, whether the environment is good or bad, rich or poor, health or disease, success or failure, I want to support you, love you, and work with you to build a beautiful family together until the day I pass away. . I now swear to God and promise you that I will always be faithful to you"