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Football / Because of the Covid-19, the World Cup qualifiers may add variables

The World Cup qualifiers on all continents are embarrassing! With the countdown to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, qualifying matches on all continents are ready to start, but due to the epidemic, many countries such as Brazil and Egypt are on the British red list. In order to avoid risks and a long isolation period, the Premier League decided not to People will go to the countries on the red list to play, and La Liga also kept up on the 25th, announcing that the South American qualifiers to be held in September will not be released, and the La Liga is also under consideration. The lack of top-level league stars may make the qualifying game upset.

If the Premier League and La Liga play World Cup qualifiers due to the epidemic, it will be a big blow to many countries, such as Egypt’s top star Salah.
If the Premier League and La Liga play World Cup qualifiers due to the epidemic, it will be a big blow to many countries, such as Egypt’s top star Salah.

Premier League, La Liga not let go

The Qatar World Cup in 2022 is not far away. The major intercontinental qualifiers to compete for World Cup tickets have been disrupted by the epidemic. Up to now, there is no room for further delay. For example, the South American qualifiers are hard-lined in the European Union. The league generally opened in September, but this also made European clubs dissatisfied.

According to a report by Al Jazeera, considering that many countries are still on the UK’s travel "red list", entry and exit must go through complete isolation days, such as Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Mexico and other countries. If their stars are allowed to participate in the war, At least one month of the league will be missed, and even the risk of infection will be carried on. Therefore, all 20 clubs agreed on the 24th to not let people go to the countries on the red list to compete. For example, Liverpool’s Egyptian football king Salah could not participate Egypt home games, but Gabon (not on the list) will be allowed to play away games.

Countries affected

According to the latest news from Foreign Media on the 25th, La Liga is more direct and supports the club not to let players participate in the September South American Qualifying Tournament, based on the unilateral decision of the FIFA to increase the number of game days (the reason is that the second round of the South American Qualifying Tournament was supposed to The kick starts in March, but due to the delay of the epidemic, the schedule has to be digested as soon as possible. It can only be a helpless move to merge the rounds), which means that a large number of La Liga stars may be absent in the South American arena next month. According to reports, Lega Serie A is also considering keeping up.

Once the top league decides not to let go of people, this may produce variables for the qualifications of each continent. The power may not necessarily maintain the advantage. Take the South American power Argentina as an example. Tottenham partners Loselso and Romero, and young attacker Buendi. Asia (the above is part of the Premier League), La Liga is a large group, including Atletico strikers DePaul, Correa, Real Betis double star Roríguez and Pezera, Servição main defender Montiel and Acu Nia, last season's European champion Voith and others can not play, Argentina's main force is directly reduced by half, and weak teams generally have fewer European stars, and the impact will be less than that of strong national teams.