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Football / AC Milan vs Juventus,AC Milan put Juventus in trouble because they fell into the bottom 3

The tie in this game has a far-reaching impact on both AC Milan and Juventus. AC Milan could have won and ranked first in the league with a winning margin. But now, after playing with Juventus, the points are the same as the same city opponent Inter Milan. But because of the goal difference lost to Inter Milan, AC Milan is currently ranked second in the Italian League. (Inter Milan defeated Bologna 6-1 on Saturday, and got a good goal difference.)

AC Milan and Juventus have a tie, which is not a good thing for both sides
AC Milan and Juventus have a tie, which is not a good thing for both sides

After a 1-1 draw with AC Milan, Juventus got into a big trouble. Alvaro Morata's goal in the fourth minute gave Juventus the lead, but Ante Rebic equalized in the 76th minute. Juventus, without Cristiano Ronaldo, was struggling at the beginning of the Lega Serie A 2021-22 season and is currently ranked third from the bottom. Juventus is actively looking for the first league victory of the season.

Coach Massimiliano Allegri had harsh words for some of his stars.

“You have to be determined, to bring home the tackle, keep focused. This is part of the general growth process of some players," he said.

“I will admit that I made mistakes on the substitutions, I got it wrong. I should’ve put more defensive players on and put the 1-0 lead under lock and key, so I take responsibility for that."

Milan, lacking Ibrahimovic and Giroud, lost their first league points of the season. However, they will be relieved that they did not lose back-to-back matches to Liverpool in the Champions League in midweek.

Spain international Morata temporarily made Juventus fans forget Ronaldo, when he accelerated away from Theo Hernandez and then calmly passed the ball to Mike Menan. Milan threatened with three long-range attempts by Sandro Tonali in the first half alone.

But the Croatian winger Rebic scored a Tonali corner with a header with 14 minutes left, thus saving Milan's unbeaten start to the league.

"We are here to win the game," Milan coach Stefano Pioli told DAZN.

“Juventus did better in the first 20 minutes, were more determined and focused, but we continued playing and did much better towards the end with chances to win, so it was overall a positive performance."