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NBA player Kevin Durant teamed up with "Weedmaps" to eliminate the stigma of marijuana in sports

The online cannabis market Weedmaps is cooperating with NBA star Kevin Durant for many years to eliminate the stigma of cannabis and demonstrate the potential value of the plant for "athlete health and rehabilitation."

What does Weedmaps do ?

Weedmaps.com provides adult use and medical marijuana dispensary locations (including updated menus and reviews), doctors' offices, brands, and delivery services throughout the United States and Canada. Consumers can also place online orders for products from dispensaries or delivery services via the site.

Reasons and reasons for Kevin Durant's cooperation

NBA player Kevin Durant teamed up with "Weedmaps" to eliminate the stigma of marijuana in sports

NBA basketball star Kevin Durant and his VC firm Thirty Five Ventures continue to bet on cannabis. Having invested in a couple cannabis ventures in the past, the team is now going after a new challenge: a collaborative content partnership with tech platform Weedmaps, focused on combatting misconceptions around cannabis and its use in the sports world, as well as advocating for legalization.

The deal also includes a sponsorship agreement with Durant's sports media network Boardroom, a dedicated section on the Weedmaps website, and continued integration with the store and its Out of Office podcast. The two companies will initially collaborate to produce an original content series, which is tentatively scheduled to debut in 2022. According to Durant, his partner at 35 venture capital firm Rich Kleiman has been discussing their next move in the marijuana field for several months.

"As we all know, many current attitudes towards cannabis are rooted in outdated beliefs, frankly, lies about this plant that has been around for decades, and the goal of the new endeavour is to provide “about how to use cannabis​​ A new dialogue on the rehabilitation of athletes." Weedmaps Ceo Chris Beals said

"Through this partnership, we will seek to further break the stigma of using cannabis, especially among athletes, which is taboo, while also providing a broader education about the plant’s many broad benefits and its overall health potential" He said.

Legalization of marijuana

As most states in the United States entertain and even decriminalize marijuana, marijuana has been widely accepted in the Americas. Nets center DeAndre Jordan once revealed to director and producer Matt Sullivan that last year’s NBA played against After marijuana testing stopped, no pellets were more open than the Nets.

Cannabis smoking is quite common in the NBA. Former All-Star Kenyon Martin revealed in 2018 that about 85% of NBA players will smoke marijuana, and most players will smoke in illegal places. Durant invested heavily in the cannabis industry in Canada in 2019. His friend Sullivan broke the news that KD has no girlfriend and will not go crazy on vacation. He does nothing but basketball. It is really boring. As long as he goes out with him, he must be smoking marijuana.

About Durant's Company 35 Venture

Durant established the "35 Venture Capital Company" as early as March of this year to invest in Dutchie, a cannabis e-commerce platform, and this year received 200 million US dollars in Series C financing, which is the largest raised since the company was founded in 2017. Capital, the company's market value soared to 1.7 billion US dollars.