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C. Ronaldo returns to Red Devils, with a weekly salary of up to £560,000

After the news of C. Ronaldo leaving the team, Manchester City handed out a contract to the king for the first time, but after considering the emotions of the fans, the contract was declined by Ronaldo. After all, playing for Manchester United before, Manchester City, which is also located in Manchester , is the biggest contender.In order to take care of the emotions of the fans, Ronaldo is destined not to choose Manchester City or Liverpool.

Ronaldo returns to the Red Devils and bids farewell to Juventus
Ronaldo returns to the Red Devils and bids farewell to Juventus

And Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United, the former club of the Premier League, and did not forget to upload the wonderful video clips of the past three seasons on his personal IG, and bid farewell to the passionate Juventus fans: "I will always be with you."

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" report, Manchester United paid Juventus £19.7 million (about ₹199.31 Crore) in transfer fees and signed a two-year agreement with Ronaldo.

At present, Ronaldo has also completed the transfer procedures. And physical examination, as soon as September 11 against Newcastle United can play. Manchester United offered a two-year £50 million contract (about ₹252.94 Crore per year), this mean his weekly salary plus bonuses and portrait rights and other income, up to £560,000(about ₹5,66,57,710). Is also the highest paid in the history of the Premier League.

With the transfer of the world's top two stars, everyone is now paying attention to whether Real Madrid's offer will be accepted by PSG. Assuming Mbappé also transfers, this year's transfer season will be a major reshuffle and also have an impact. Very long historical significance