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Brazilian officials banned 4 Argentine players from the World Cup qualifiers and the match was cance

Argentina and Brazil called for a temporary card for the World Cup qualifiers. The match lasted for 6 minutes. The Brazilian health unit asked 4 Argentine players who had been to England to leave. Argentina refused to play and the South American Football Federation announced the cancellation of the match.

In this much-anticipated South American classic battle, six minutes after the start of the match, Brazil’s health unit officials suddenly arrived. They demanded four Argentine players from Damian Martinez, Buendia, Loselso and Romero. After the exit, due to the sudden incident, the Argentine players could not accept, and there was a conflict with officials on the scene.

Argentine players and officials arguing

Due to Brazil’s epidemic prevention regulations, people who have recently been to the UK must be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in Brazil, but these 4 players who played in England declared that they had not been to the UK when they entered the country, and the Brazilian health unit went to the stadium to reject the 4 players when they found out. The players entered, but Argentina did not agree. They wanted to cancel the game, and the Brazilian Football Association also made concessions.

Afterwards, the director of the Brazilian Health Bureau, Barra Torres, said: We knew these players when they arrived in Brazil. At that time, we planned to quarantine them in the hotel and then return to Argentina, but they still went to the stadium to play. Right, all players should abide by the rules, not only foreigners, but also Brazilians. If a Brazilian player has been to the UK within 14 days, of course he can’t compete. Argentina violated the rules twice. First lied that he did not stay in the UK. , The second is the failure to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations.