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Barcelona without Messi, Paris Saint-Germain with Messi

Barcelona's first game without Messi, fans outside the stadium chanted the chairman "traitor"

Many fans entered the field wearing Messi’s No. 10 jersey and chanted Messi’s name in the 10th minute of the first and second halves; however, many Barcelona fans outside the field still could not accept Messi’s departure and put up a banner saying

"Laporta is a traitor", "Barça has nothing to do with you", "Laporta is a liar", "Messi is in Paris, but you are in Ibiza", insinuating that Laporta would rather take a vacation than try to keep Messi.

However, Laporta blamed Messi for leaving. Everything was blamed on the former chairman Bartomeu (Josep Maria Bartomeu). It was because of Bartomeu's poor management that Messi left the team, but apparently this statement made the fans can't trusted.

Barcelona fans who support Messi
Barcelona fans who support Messi


PSG Excessive team salary

The British "Daily Mail" reported that after seeking for Lionel Messi for 35 million euros, PSG's total salary reached 300 million euros, making it the world's highest paid sports club. Ranked second after Paris is Real Madrid, with a total salary of 250 million euros, and the third is Manchester United with 240 million euros. After Messi left the team, Barcelona's total salary was reduced to 230 million euros, ranking fourth.

It is also because the players' salaries are too high. The Spanish "Diario AS" reported that after the introduction of Messi, Paris had to sell players to maintain financial balance. The report pointed out that DNGG (French National Management and Control Agency) is responsible for reviewing the accounts of the major French teams. The agency stated that if Paris wants to keep the accounts balanced, it must sell players to earn 180 million euros in revenue. But so far, Grand Paris has only 7 million euros in revenue from peddling players. Prior to this, some media reported that Paris will sell 10 players to raise funds, including stars such as Mauro Icardi, Ander Herrera, and Rafinha.

"Aspen" believes that Greater Paris may have to sell Kylian Mbappé (Kylian Mbappé), a player who is very valuable and has refused to renew his contract.

Messi waved to the fans on the balcony of the hotel after arriving in Paris
Messi waved to the fans on the balcony of the hotel after arriving in Paris

PSG player salary (after tax)

  1. Messi €35Milion (₹304.185Crore)

  2. Neymar €26Milion (₹225.966Crore)

  3. Mbappé €16Milion (₹139.056Crore)

  4. Marquinhos €13Milion (₹112.983Crore)

  5. Verratti €13Milion (₹112.983Crore)

  6. Di María €12Milion (₹104.292Crore)

  7. Navas €11Milion (₹95.601Crore)

  8. Ramos €10.5Milion (₹91.256Crore)