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"Azzurri" Italy is unbeaten in 37 consecutive games, breaking the record held by Brazil

On September 9th, Italy beat Lithuania 5-0 in the World Preliminaries. Italy's consecutive unbeaten games lasted to 37 games (28 wins and 9 draws), breaking the national team's record of unbeaten consecutive games held by Brazil! The 36 consecutive unbeaten records maintained by The Golden Squad can be traced back to the period 1993-1996.

The Italian Azzurri is making history
The Italian Azzurri is making history

Italy vs Lithuania

In Group C of the 2022 World Cup European qualifiers, Italy played at home against Lithuania. In the first half of the game, 21-year-old Moise Kean took the lead in scoring a goal for Italy when the game was 11', and then welcoming Lithuania’s own own goal at 14'. Morale is more uplifting.

Then Giacomo Raspadori also scored a goal at 24' in the first half, and the crazier thing was that Moise Kean scored another goal at 29'.

At the 29' of the game, Italy had scored 4 goals and watched Lithuania 4:0. Lithuania had no room to counterattack. Giovanni Di Lorenzo also scored a goal for Italy in the 54' of the second half. Italy has a 5:0 lead, and Lithuania has entered a state of giving up.

The secret to the success of the Italian Azzurri

The secret of the success of the Italian Azzurri is that Italy has a good football atmosphere and sufficient talent pool. Looking at the five most anticipated young European football players in UEFA EURO 2020.

Italy has two players on the list, Federico Chiesa and Gianluigi Donnarumma, and the performance of goalkeeper Donnarumma is amazing.

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Azzurri's 15 years of silence

After winning the 2006 World Cup, it can be said that it was a turning point for Italian football. Since then, Italy has fallen into a dilemma, and the results have fallen from the peak.

In the Euro 2008, Italy lost to the Netherlands 0-3 in the group stage, but eventually defeated France 2-0 to advance to the second place in the group. In the quarterfinals, he lost to Spain on a penalty kick. Spain later won the World Cup, and Spain’s golden period began.

Since then, Italy has been in a slump. It was first eliminated in the First rounds of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, it was eliminated in the qualifying rounds. The performance of the national team was deteriorating, which also made many people question the status of the traditional power of the Italian national football team.

Italy is back to the top to get back its glory

Italy hired Roberto Mancini, who has coached Inter Milan, Manchester City and other famous teams as the head coach. Mancini abandoned Italy's previous style of selecting people who focused on fame.

Italy Coach Roberto Mancini
Italy Coach Roberto Mancini

In terms of tactics, he abandoned the well-known defensive counterattack style in the past, and switched to passing and controlling the ball and offensive football. This series of reform measures achieved good results in the UEFA EURO 2020 of Nations, successfully scouring the decadence of the past decade.

"Azzurri" Italy is unbeaten in 37 consecutive games

Since then, Italy has achieved excellent performance in sweeping international competitions in the past two years. After the head coach has improved Italy's bad habits, Italy's full talent pool has been shown to the fullest, and young players will have more opportunities to perform.

And Italy's defensive ability and counterattack ability demonstrated in UEFA EURO 2020 shocked the world, and people have learned from these signs that "Azzurri" has returned.

Since the start of the UEFA EURO qualifiers in 2020, Italy has not tasted the loss of the national match. Recently, after scoring 5:0 in the game against Lithuania, all this is declaring the "Azzurri" ambition for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.