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2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification Latest News and who may be the dark horse

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification (UEFA)

Former Manchester United and France defender Mikael Silvestre has said that the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup will be the best ever because of it’s compact nature. The 2022 World Cup will kick-off on 21 November 2022 at the Al Bayt stadium.

2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar
2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar

The Qatar 2022 Football World Cup is hailed as perhaps the best World Cup ever, because this is the first world-level single sports event since Covid-19 hit human life, and the game will also see a revolutionary advanced cooling technology. In order to keep the temperature in the stadium at its best, to ensure a pleasant experience for fans and players.

However, what really attracts attention is its compactness. Qatar 2022 will have eight world-class venues in Doha and its surrounding areas. Interestingly, the distance between the stadiums is within an hour, and the public transportation system extends in all directions, making it easy for fans to watch more than one game in a day.

Considering that all venues are easily accessible from Doha, the team does not have to change their base camp and training facilities during the game. This is a game-changing initiative that eliminates the pressure and anxiety of moving to a new base or venue among players, which in turn will help them perform at their best.

Group A - #1 Portugal fc

In Group A, Portugal, Serbia, Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland and Azerbaijan competed for the qualifications, and now it has gone through five games.Portugal temporarily ranks first in the group with four wins and one tie with 13 points, but Serbia has three wins and two draws with 11 points. The points are closely behind, and the difference between the offensive and defensive data of the two sides is not big.

Group B - #1 Spain fc

Spain, Sweden, Greece, Kosovo, and Georgia are currently led by Armada Invencible, and Sweden, which ranks second in Group B, has missed the game recently. Judging from the points and offensive and defensive data, the chance of overtaking is not great, but as long as the second result is maintained There is also a chance to qualify for promotion in the play-offs

Group C - #1 Italy fc

Italy, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania are in Group C, which is ranked first in the UEFA European Football Championship Azzurri. Judging from Italy's 37 unbeaten history and the performance of this year's European Championship, Switzerland continues to maintain the 2nd place. Get qualified for promotion in the play-offs will easier.

Group D - #1 France fc

The defending team of the 2018 World Cup, France, currently ranks first in Group D, and has 12 points away from the second place with only 5 points, Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kazakhstan.Currently, Ukraine is eligible for the play-offs. The stats of the two teams are comparable with Finland, and the goals and goals are not much different.

Group E - #1 Belgium fc

Since getting team centripetal force, Belgium has achieved rapid progress in international competitions. Since the last World Cup and this year's European Championships, it has excellent performance. It currently has 5 wins and 1 tie and has won 16 points, ranking first in Group E. It can be said that it is equivalent to an early promotion team, and the second-ranked Czech Republic has 2 wins, 1 tie, 2 losses, 7 and the third-ranked Wales record. The two competing for each other's qualifications for the play-offs should be the result of a fact. Belarus and Estonia in the same group need to cheer.

Group F - #1 Denmark fc

Denmark's performance this year is also very eye-catching. It has stood out in Group F with Scotland, Israel, Austria, Faroe Islands and Moldova. It has won 6 games and scored 22 goals without losing a goal. Maybe this time we have a chance to see the Denmark fairy tale staged.

Group G - #1 Netherlands fc

The competition in Group G is relatively fierce.The current ranking is Netherlands, but it has the same 13 points as the second ranked Norway. The reason why it is currently ranked first is because of the Netherlands in the past 6 games. Scored 22 goals, conceded 6 goals with a goal difference of 16 goals surpassed Norway's 7 goals (Norway scored 12 goals and conceded 5 goals with a goal difference of 7 goals in the past 6 games). Turkey, ranked third, is also closely behind with 11 points. It seems that the competition afterwards will be fiercely competitive. And in the same group are Montenegro, Latvia and Gibraltar, but the chance of qualifying is very small.

Group H - #1 Croatia fc

The last runner-up Croatia had an amazing performance. It was amazing to get into the finals among many strong teams. Currently in Group H with 13 points and Russia, but also because the goal difference is higher than Russia, it temporarily ranks first in the group. In the same group, there are Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus. Russia has to participate in the group stage due to drug prohibition, so it is most likely that Croatia will qualify.

Group I - #1 England fc

England fc, who lost the European Championship this year, scored 5 wins and 1 tie in Group I and scored 18 goals in six games, conceding 2 goals and with a goal difference of 16 goals, and performed quite well. Others in this group include Albania, Poland, Hungary, Andorra and San Marino

Group J - #1 Germany fc

Germany, who was knocked over by South Korea in the last World Cup, learned from the pain. This time it was divided into Group J and maintained amazing offensive firepower. It scored 17 goals and 2 conceded in six games, and scored 15 goals with a good record of five wins and one defeat. The points are currently not ranked first in the group. It should not be difficult to qualify. The other countries in the same group are Armenia, Romania, North Macedonia, Iceland and Liechtenstein