• Yashraj

Tennis / U.S. Open will start on the 30th, but many top players choose not to participate

The US open tennis ignited the internal match on the 30th and is currently undergoing out-of-the-match matches. However, there have been bad news that well-known players have retired due to injuries. In addition to Federer, Nadal and the Williams sisters, they have no choice but to give up. Since 1997 , this is the first time we missed they in four major tournaments.

Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams are top players in women’s tennis
Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams are top players in women’s tennis

Professional players face high-intensity training and competitions for many years, and they have accumulated injuries. Nadal and Federer both announced their withdrawal from the U.S. Open this month. Nadal has a leg injury that needs time to recover, and Federer has his third knee surgery. This year Serena Williams, who has been resting since Wimbledon injured his right thigh in the first round, said the day before yesterday that he could not participate in the US Open.

After sister Serena Williams announced that she missed the fourth game of the year, yesterday Venus Williams explained to the fans through a video that she would also be absent. She said: "Hello everyone, I want to tell you bad news. I joined the ranks of my sister Serena. I participated in the U.S. Open this year and I was very, very disappointed. I have been having some problems with my legs this summer, and there is still no way to get rid of the discomfort smoothly."

Venus added that the U.S. Open is her four favorite Open. She has many fond memories. She is looking forward to returning to the Flushing Tennis Park to play, but unfortunately, she will not be able to do so this year. She will work hard to return to the arena.