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2020-21 NBA Season / NBA 2021 schedule and NBA Lineup 2021

Lịch thi đấu NBA 2021

October 20 at 07:30 am:

Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks

October 20 at 07:30 am:

Golden State vs Los Angeles

Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks Betting Odds

The gap in this game is very small, which is taken for granted, because this series played seven games in the playoffs last season. However, there are two important factors in this game. The first is the controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving's decision not to be vaccinated, so he will not play for the Nets before he is vaccinated. In addition to the struggle of the game without Irving, the media and fans are inevitably distracted by the whole situation. This distraction can prevent the team from performing at its highest level. Another factor is how good the Milwaukee Bucks are at home.

They ended last season with a 36-11 record at home, including the playoffs. Before the playoffs, their record at home was good, but not very good. Then, they scored 10 victories in 11 home playoff games. In addition, Giannis looked very dominant and efficient in his few preseason appearances. This year, he may have a great season, and I think it will all start from the first game. If there are no crazy changes before the game, please use the Milwaukee Bucks Moneyline or ATS (against the spread) if it is -2 or better.

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Betting Odds

There were two duels on the opening night of the NBA. One was the Golden State Warriors vs. the Los Angeles Lakers. With the exception of Taron Horton Tucker and Trevor Ariza, Los Angeles has an advantage at home and in good health. The Lakers have a deep guard position, so they should be doing well without Horton Tucker and Ariza. At the same time, the Golden State Warriors will have to start the season without second-year center James Wiseman and All-Star double guard Klay Thompson.

Both teams will try new lineups, and they have never deployed with players who are still struggling to develop chemistry. According to the performance of each team last season, this should be a defensive-centric matchup, especially since each team is trying to find its best form as soon as possible, and offensive struggle is imminent. Last year, the Lakers ranked first in defensive efficiency, ranked eighth in field goal percentage by opponents, and second in scoring per game. At the same time, the Warriors rank fifth in defensive efficiency, second in opponent field goal percentage, and ninth in opponent three-point field goal percentage.